Hail, Full of Grace

Dear Mary,

I have a whole new way of viewing today, and most of it has to do with you, so I thought I’d write a letter, then share it with the world-wide-web.

Basically, today is the day the world celebrates the death of your son. That’s got to be pretty much the second worst feeling in all eternity (proceeded only by being God’s son and getting put to death). I mean, I get upset because the world at large seems pretty unaffected by my loss, but it’s a whole new level to have everyone in Christendom still doing three day weekends two thousand years after the fact.

I was wondering this morning, if its possible you had no idea life was going to turn out like that for you and your son. I know an angel showed up, and told you things were going to be special, that God had a plan for you. And I know you said, “Okay!” and did the things you were supposed to. But I’m pretty sure no one told you that your kid’s death was part of the process. I’m pretty sure you didn’t assume that would be the case. I’m pretty sure you thought things were going to go a lot better than they actually did for you guys.

And… holla.

Me too. (Minus the angel part.)

I guess what I’m curious about is the rest of your life. And how all this affected Joseph, a really good guy who kind of had to stand by and watch all this happen to his wife. And I would have to say that I’m glad the Catholic church puts as much emphasis on you as they do, although I know not all Christians are comfortable with it. I need a human element to get me through what I’m dealing with right now. I need to feel not so completely screwed by God. It’s nice to know another mom, THE mom, felt a version of how I feel.

Maybe, at some point, you also sat down on your bed and thought, “I don’t care what the plan is, this totally sucks.” And maybe Joseph sat down next to you, and hugged you, and then made you dinner.

It does suck, but I have to say, if you didn’t get through it, I know there’d never be a chance for me. So thanks for keepin’ on. And put in a good word for me? And I’m so sorry for your loss.

And have a Good Friday. Things get better after this. I promise.



7 thoughts on “Hail, Full of Grace”

  1. As the Resurrection was quite a shock to all those who loved Jesus, we continue to pray for that same miraculous power in your life and ours. In the meantime, we live and challenge ourselves to thank Him for those blessings we walk amongst everyday. Hope is eternal. You are loved.

  2. Of course, Mary never had to wonder and wait for a pregnancy, so she'd have trouble relating to that. However, the Lord has waited for thousands of centuries for the fruition of his work so he's been through the waiting thing in spades.

  3. This is amazing. Thank you. It's the odd moment where I see something from a new angle. (I do angles for a living) this is new, and inspired.


  4. I never thought about how Joseph felt when Jesus was crucified. I wonder why the world doesn't think of that. He was his earthly son, after all. I mean, he was a father figure to him. But we never worry about his feelings.

    I always thought Mary knew what would happen to her son. That's why it was so stupendous that she was willing to take it on.

    I like your tone and voice, but I'm sure some fanatic out there will be upset. Ignore 'em.

    Are you wanting a baby and can't have one or won't ever be able to? Did I miss that some where? Or did you mean that our miserable lives shouldn't feel so bad when we think of what Jesus and even Mary had to go through?

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