Saturday (I have time)

I recognize I haven’t been around much lately. Whether or not its affected you, I feel the absence of regular blog-posting. The thing is that the last two weeks have pretty much been chock full of activity. And honestly, I’m glad. I had an amazing vacation followed by a real-life slap in the face via school work.

After vacation, I suddenly realized that a HUGE project was due in only a few short hours. For nearly all of this week I was feverishly reading, writing, and editing an entirely pointless critical analysis of Charles Dickens’ Bleak House.

Fortunately, reading Bleak House (a piece of my Book Bucket List) means that I’ll be able to do a book review. But the review will have to wait because today is catch up day, when I get to all the stuff that was ignored this week because of impending homework-based doom.

Like cleaning clothes.

And myself.

Writing toward a deadline, while providing a sense of accomplishment, always kind of kills my joy of writing for fun. Thus, I anticipate more episodic blog-silence in the coming weeks. May (end of semester) will see my return. But I’m going to do what I can to keep posting, at least snippets. I like my blog. I want to keep it happy and well fed so it doesn’t turn on me.

Here are some photos of things that kept me from doing homework on vacation, thus requiring a frenzied week this week. It’s a snowball effect, isn’t it?

Charleston Harbor
(Whatever. It’s a cool photo.)
Hike + Picnic 
(I love state parks and real trees!)
Prose made cinnamon rolls. Heavenly. She has a gift.

11 thoughts on “Saturday (I have time)”

  1. Whoa, that last shot looked like a cocaine binge to me for a second. And then I realized it was cinnamon rolls. Now it looks like an absolutely amazing sugar binge. JEALOUS!!!!

  2. I really like the cemetery photo (the others are good too, it's just that this one pinged) The little headstones look like a throng of villagers confronting the monster Big Crypt.
    The cinnamon rolls photo pinged too, unless that was just my appetite calling.

  3. I've been busy too… I love your line, “I like my blog. I want to keep it happy and well fed so it doesn't turn on me.”

    I feel the same way.

    The hike looked like fun.

  4. I've always wanted to go to Charleston. I looked into it a year ago but it was too expensive for me. I have never read Bleak House (and I was an English teacher for many years.) Is it worth my time? (If I don't have to do a report, etc.) Glad you're back with us. I missed you. Honest!
    Kept checking your blog and it was always the same…

  5. I miss Dixie, for real. Congrats on your run! I want to know if you actually bench your own weight!!
    I miss your regular posts very much. We have all been slacking with this great weather!

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