I love personal emails even when I’m shady and non-productive in blogland. Here are two public shoutouts:

DawnTreader sent me an email asking me how I’ve been and telling me I was missed. That was lovely.

Liza sent me an email in response to one of my posts, with some incredibly useful information.

Thanks to both for getting in touch, and I know the rest of you were just ACHING for a new post, so thank you too.

I don’t have much right now, but here is a picture:

That’s ice on a plane window. Hubs and I vacationed last week, on the east coast. We visited my parents and a set of grandparents, and then spent a few “us” days in Charleston, a beautiful, historic harbor city.

We had an amazingly refreshing trip. We had a delightful time visiting with family. We gorged ourselves on seafood and lowcountry deliciousness. And we got a lot of quality AND quantity time with each other.

Our flight back to Tejas was a two-parter, commencing right around suppertime on Saturday night. The second (final) little flight out of Dallas should have taken about 40 minutes and put us in San Antonio around 10:30 pm.  But.


 There was ice in Dallas.

Dallas doesn’t get ice.

So, instead of the quick trip from Dallas airport, we sat in the plane, waiting for the lone, under-equipped, understaffed “de-icing” truck to become available.

A lot of other planes were also waiting for the de-icing truck.

Did you know that a plane MUST return to a gate if it’s waiting on the runway for four hours? We discovered this on Saturday night / Sunday morning.

(We were allowed to use electronic devices, which was very nice.)

Fortunately for us, we have excellent senses of humor. Also, we were able to get a little nap in, which was great. Also, we had already eaten a hearty dinner and neither of us are prone to airplane sickness (unlike many of the children who were also stuck on the plane).

We didn’t land in San Antonio until 4:30 am.

Most of the passengers were outraged. (To be fair, the head flight attendant was a disaster. They had reason to be outraged.)

 We were delighted. We had a comfortable place to sit, and full bellies, and nowhere to be the next day. We were able to watch a recreation of Lord of the Flies in all its glory. I took pictures. We eventually got where we needed to go, and didn’t spend any extra money to get there (unlike the five people who left in a huff to DRIVE to San Antonio, at hour-marker four, thirty minutes before the plane took off… as we woke up the next morning they were juuuust getting in).

Aaaaaand we had this waiting for us on Sunday, when we went shopping for basic food supplies (which had all been consumed by the cat and Tejas house-gnomes while we were gone).

It’s good to be home.


9 thoughts on “Trippy”

  1. I've heard about having a “baby in the oven,” so they must end up with the fresh loaves when all done?

    Glad your trip was pleasant.

  2. Someone lost their baby?? In the baked goods?? Sorry about your delay. You, at least, have good temperment. I'm the one fuming and ranting in the seat behind you in those kind of situations. That's the way I roll. (it's ugly) Glad you're home. I did miss you.

  3. Charleston sounds nice. The flight…not so much. I'm glad you guys made the best of it and that you did eventually make it home safely. I hate flight delays!

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