Live to tell tales.

This happened this morning:

Big day. It’s the first time in almost three years I’ve had to scrape a windshield. I was once expert at wielding a CD jewel case, but this morning the defroster had almost finished it’s work before I got the hang of it.

While scraping, I was thinking that I’ve had this car for a while (inaugural scrape). The last time I scraped frost off my windshield was on my swanky new Honda fit, a few weeks before this happened back in ’07:

Hence the orange vehicle I now own. (Please note the sunglasses in the lower right corner.)

Then I saw this, via Amy at the Bitchin’ Wives Club:

Seemed like a sign. Wear your seat-belt. Live to tell future tales.

Like, whiny tales about scraping micrometers of frost off your Tejas car.


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