Monday: Number 9

Another blogger posted a list of things that make her laugh evilly last Friday. And number 9 struck a chord because I was marinating on the exact same thing as I went to sleep on Thursday night and REALLY pondering it as I woke up Friday morning:

“How I can go from a crappy mood to thinking, “I LOVE MY LIFE” within a 2-hour period?”
                                                                                    -the Boob Nazi (seriously)

Yes. Me too. Because Wednesday was the mother of bad days. I was bluer than Selsen. And Friday* morning I woke up all bummed out about a new buddy who is totally suddenly giving me the silent treatment (and I hate not having explanations). But IN BETWEEN was a Freaking. Awesome. Day.

(An awesome photo of some awesome siblings.)

1. My father called EARLY Thursday morning. I naturally assumed it was a dire emergency, since my dad never calls me. I call my parents. They do not call me. That’s how it works. That’s how it’s been for years. I like it that way.

When they DO call me, it’s to impart news that can’t wait for my mid-week or weekend call. News like, “your grandfather busted his face,” or “your uncle busted his head,” or “my baby brother is finally getting married!!!!!” (That last one was from my mom.)

So adrenaline started pumping. Turns out, however, that me da was calling with good news.

“Hey Rae!” he said, “we have some extra funds and it’s my turn to visit.” (Mom has made the Tejas journey while Dad remains behind several times, usually to avert some crisis. That’s what she does. Averts crises, leaving joy and laughter and home improvement in its stead.)

“What are you guys doing next weekend? Going to be in town?”

We ARE going to be in town, and now so is my dad. Which is exciting.

(That’s my dad.)

2. At work, two students came in with papers and stayed for a while. For some, my line of work (ie: going over essays point by point and trying to make improvements comprehensible to the writers) is a drag. And actually, I understand how it can become a drag even for those who start out loving it. It’s enormously time-consuming and often highly frustrating. It takes a ton of effort from both sides to see any solid results.

I had the extreme good fortune of receiving gushing at the end of both Thursday sessions. The students didn’t leave with anything finished or polished or even turn-in-able. They each had a LOT more work to do (probably more than they would have done if they hadn’t come to see me). But each was ecstatic that they understood what was needed, and that they would be able to deliver on some level.

That rarely happens. Talk about warm fuzzies.

3. In my own class, as a student, I had a book report due. I was the first one out of the entire class to present (not by choice). I was worried; I had no point of reference. I’ve never had to verbally present a book on the graduate level and no one went before me to pave the way.

In addition, I had chosen a beast of a book, and was absolutely freaking out about how to summarize it without boring everyone to death. I thought the book deserved a fair shot (it really was interesting) but was concerned that I wasn’t going to be able to do it justice. I just kept picturing glassy eyes and drool.

To quell my panic, I found some pictures and made an offbeat slideshow to keep me on track and (hopefully) keep everyone interested. Or at least mildly entertained. Or at least non-drooling.

Here are the slides.** (I’ll add sound later. Maybe):

At the end of the presentation the professor raised his eyebrows and said, in complete seriousness, “well, class, I was not planning on setting the bar so high. Good luck topping that.”

So yeah. Good day.

*(For the record, though it began poorly, Friday ended well. The buddy ended her reign of silence and other good things happened.)

**(For bonus points: Guess which book.) (For SUPER bonus points: Make up your own script.)


12 thoughts on “Monday: Number 9”

  1. Way to go! Congrats on a great presentation. I made up my own script but I won't bore you with it, especially since it can't begin to compete with Don's. May I have my points now please?

  2. Glad you had a good day in between the not-so-good ones. Curious about that book – have to confess the pictures alone don't really give me a clue! 😉 That picture of your dad… rocks! 😀

  3. Going for super bonus points here (slide by slide narration):
    1) In a land far, far away lived a family.
    2) This was a land that took its magic seriously, and all the magic was not good.
    3) Some of the magic was voodoo-esque, and it was used to get revenge — sometimes on ex-lovers.
    4) Some of the magic came from ancient Egypt, some from ancient India.
    5) Regardless of the season of the year: it was always magic season.
    6) In western countries we think of magic as the stuff of demons and exorcism.
    7) We forget the ancient stories of Cain and Abel, who sought to influence the gods or God by sacrifice.
    8) And it's not just Jewish tales, Christians have their own stories of appeasement through sacrifice — consider Jesus, the Lamb of God.
    9) So wheter it is the magic in the rocks…
    10) Or the magic in the music…
    11) Magic is common to men of all ages and lands: just ask Freud!
    12) But some magic crosses into the realm of taboo — like cross-species mating, where the results are worrisome.
    13) And like the mysterious rider in a Chinese carriage…
    14) this story from a land of magic far away… will leave you screaming, “WTF?” So read it.

  4. What IS the book? I see The Alchemist on your list. I started it but never got very far. With all those pics and charts, it might be that. Glad your professor appreciated your efforts. So often they don't.
    You did have a good day Friday. I'm happy for you. Enjoy your Dad's visit.

  5. You are yourself something of a mythic figure now. I think your blog is a mythic account of your own life, like the sign in your mom's house, “Believe it or not, my life is based on a true story!”

    Great stuff!

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