Where Have All The Mormons Gone? (WTF?)

“Where is my John Wayne?”

Anyways, for this week’s edition of WTF Friday, I have a question. Or an observation, posed as a question. Call it what you will. It fits into my theme.

I’ve seen a lot of writers-as-bloggers. I can identify (I’m a wannabe). Writers like to write, and they also like an audience, else they’d be something other than writers. Like editors. Or poets.

(Oh snap. Just kidding, poets.)

But there’s another identifiable subgroup of blogger that has me slightly mystified. And it’s The Mormons.

It’s not all Mormons, not even close. I haven’t really read/liked any blogs by the young’uns, out on their missions. It’s Mommy-Mormons, or Maybe-Mommy-Mormons (that is, young women of marriagable age who subscribe to the tenants of The C of JC of LDS). And I have to say, this sub-group is hilarious and surprisingly irreverent. Which is, possibly, why I’m paying attention to them.

This is for real.
(Not sanctioned, yet hilarious.)

I first became aquainted with MMs (and a few MMMs) when I worked at A.C.Moore’s corporate office. A.C.Moore is a giant craft chain store on the East Cost. It’s major competitor is Michael’s, for those of you who live in the States. For those of you who don’t, I’m sorry. Because the States are awesome.

And I was well aquainted with the buyers for the scrapbooking division whilst at A.C.Moore. And all of the best stuff came from the Mormons. Really, I should say Mormon-land, but I always just thought of things like the Cricut Expression springing straight from the heart of the SLC temple. Every good piece of crafting (the most wholesome of pasttimes) technology pretty much came from Utah.

Hello! Provocraft is NAMED for Provo, UT!

San Antonio Temple

Anyways, all the scrapbook (and related) vendors were always REALLY nice, and funny, and just generally pleasent. And I thought that moving away AND being Catholic was really going to nix my ability to experience and enjoy that group.

However, I’ve found them again. They’re alive and well in the blog-o-sphere. They blog constantly, with dry wit and humor that makes me seek them out. It also makes me not irritated with their mommy-hood. It also makes me wonder what’s in the water out there….

Because, what I really want to know, is how come this group is so darn CREATIVE?! And how do they get a jump on every creative-outlet fad? Or are they even GETTING a jump? Are Mormon Mommies (and Maybe Mormon Mommies) scrapbooking’s biggest fans, or did they (as mormonwiki.com claims) create the modern day scrap?


What The Frikkety-frack?


9 thoughts on “Where Have All The Mormons Gone? (WTF?)”

  1. I don't know if you'll ever go back and read this, but this blog is HILARIOUS!! I'm an older Mormon blogger who finds it strangely Stepford reading all the MMB. Aren't they great! All that energy and creativity just oozing from their pure little pores. Gotta give 'em credit. I think blogs are a natural progression from journals which we (Mormons) are urged to keep.
    Whatever, I love your blog too. You are a natural, funny blogger and I love your attitude and spicey vocab. It's kind of like I want to be when I grow up.

  2. Well, as a MM living in Utah, but not from Utah, I believe I have a unique perspective on your query. First of all, I'm probably going to get a lot of argument from the Utah MM's. So be it. Ok, here's the deal:

    Utah Mormons all want to be the same (but they don't know it….shhhh!). I dont' know if it's the fact that they're all stiving for the same exaltation or what, but I've never been around a group (and I've been around some groups, believe you me) who wanted to do everything the same so much. Same baby names, same home decor, same paint colors, same fashion trends, same hobbies….it's amazing how fast something here takes hold and EVERYONE IS DOING IT before you can blink. Just ask the vinyl lettering industry. Or the fancy cupcake industry (yes, there is one here). Or the wooden baby names hung on the wall industry. Or, hello, the BLOGGING AND SCRAPBOOKING INDUSTRIES! So, you get the point, right? If you want something to be big, introduce it in Utah. As son as three cool people are doing it, everyone will be doing it.

  3. Thought I was the only one who noticed that the Mormons, as a group, are avid bloggers.

    Almost every blog I come across these days is by a Mormon.

    Maybe they did invent it.

  4. This was funny to me on several different levels; as a Mormon, as a mom, and as a blogger (or wannabe blogger depending on my free time)! Just so you know, I am not creative in the crafty sense, but I am an excellent copy cat. Put out a half decent tutorial and I am all over it. did you know there is a blog dedicated to Mod Podge? Kind of crazy.

  5. My cousin sell sex toys. The Utah branch of her sales are her biggest profit (pun?). Anyway, I agree! My MMM's and MM bloggy friends are fantastic.

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