Mentiras y Verdades

I WON!!!! I won. I won. I won.

I won two awards recently.

I won an award from an (Army)Wife over at A Yummy Mummy on a Pink Park Bench. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Honest Scrap award:

Be jealous. I am all that is woman.

And it comes with some stipulations.

Then, there is this one, from Liza over at Middle Passages. It’s called the “Creative Blogger” award, and the quotation marks are sarcastic ones:

I love sarcasm. Sarcasm's my favorite.

This one also comes with stipulations.

I’m just going to avoid all the rules and present you with a small collection of stories. I haven’t really decided if they’re going to be true or not. Myabe I’ll make some tiny tidbits up and add them to true stories. And we’ll see about passing it on. I have to decide how much energy I have for that when I’m done being “creatively” honest.

I’m breakin’ ALL the rules!

  1. I’m an extra in an M. Night Shyamalan movie. He likes to film in/around Philly, and I made it to one of the sets. I am inordinately proud of this experience, but I refrain from sharing because it feels too much like bragging. And over what? I never actually show up on film.
  2. Once I enticed Cay to enter the dryer (with cookies and promises of non-violence) then I shut the door and turned it on. She never told my mother. Probably too scared of what I would do…
  3. I chopped down an entire tree once. One of my buddies had a hand saw so we found a tree that wasn’t too old and spent about three hours taking turns until we felled it. This was in the suburbs of a major city but I didn’t live at that house so I wasn’t there when our felony was discovered.
  4. I never actually graduated from high school. I left early, (after SATs) took my GED, and paid my way through college.
  5. I have only been in two car accidents in my entire life. One was fairly recent, when I first got to Mexas (a BUS trying to blow a red light hit me and totalled my car) but the other was in the distant past. I hit a parked ambulance on a windy gap-road deep in the Appalachians. It was parked on the downhill curve, responding to an accident where a car had gone over the side of the mountain. I only grazed it, but still. I got yelled at. A lot. And almost arrested. And I still think it was their fault.

Since I got double the awards, I’m only doing half the work. So instead of ten things I’m just going to stop at five.

I’ve decided I’m going to reserve these awards and pass them along when I read one POST that is deserving. I don’t think we bloggers get enough credit for amazing single posts. And I aim to change that.

So here I sit with two awards in my arsenal. Muahahah.


7 thoughts on “Mentiras y Verdades”

  1. I ROTFL about Cay and the dryer. Although Cay was way dangerous on her own. Age 1 year: try to swallow a giant frozen strawberry and pass out. 18 months old: play balance beam on the TOP of the metal swingset. Age 2: Unbuckle, open car door, fall out of moving car.
    I'm amazed that your Mom looks so young, given the frequent hair-raisings and heart attacks.

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