WTF Friday

*I decided that everyone has these cute weekly themes, like “Thankful Thursday,” and “Sunshine Sunday” and “Wonderful Wednesday.” And I LIKE the idea, because it provides some structure, but I can’t really get behind that kind of sustained cheerfulness. I like to keep cheerfulness to myself. So, instead, I created a weekly theme that is sure to generate many good stories for myself, just by being there. Enjoy.

(“WTF Friday” could also be “WTF Wednesday,” depending on how many excellently questionable stories I have in one week, and how strongly I feel about alliteration at the time.)

(“WTF” means “what the french ?!” in young-people speak.)*


I posted about ridiculous DREAMS last week. And those guys haven’t come back, so steady your breathing. But they have been replaced with another genre of dream that I am equally unfamiliar with: found children.

Weird, I know. Trust me, I’m sufficiently creeped out.

For several nights going the same type of dream has visited me. No matter the surrounding details, the main point of the dream is always that children just appear. Sometimes they’re completely lost, sometimes someone drops them at my door, whatever. But they just appear. And they are for me.

This started out as kind of a nice thing. It’s so easy. It’s like five million times easier than medical intervention or adoption. Wouldn’t it be GREAT if real life was like this?!

But as the first week of  dreams came to a close, my rational mind started to kick in. With a vengence. Here are some of the questions it put to me and my overactive id:

  • Where are these kids coming from?
  • What kind of person gets excited about an abandoned kid?
  • Who did they originally belong to?
  • What happened to that kid from last night?! Did you just abandon it?!?!?! No wonder abandoned kids are showing up in dreams!
  • How come none of these dreams involve your husband?
  • Why are you totally okay with appropriating a child, no questions asked?

Needless to say, I was freaked out. Am I a (dream) monster? It started reminding me way too much of that scene in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader in the Chronicles of Narnia, where the ship lands on Dark Island, the island where dreams come true. Actually true. Not like daydreams, where it just kind of cuts off at the best parts, but everything about dreams became reality.

It’s like the creepiest scene in all of children’s literature.

Anyways, I’m not going to say I felt guilty about initially enjoying these dreams, because I didn’t. But the insightful questions and the literary reference helped me kick the need for a dream-fix. Within two nights I’d managed to convert my opinion of these dreams from “AWESOME” to “super creepy.” This, in turn, made them not so fun, and so my dream world has moved on to bigger and better things.

Like popcorn.

image from Waste-Not Wagon

“And just as there are moments when simply to lie in bed and see the daylight pouring through your window and to hear the cheerful voice of an early postman or milkman down below and to realise that it was only a dream: it wasn’t real, is so heavenly that it was very nearly worth having the nightmare in order to have the joy of waking, so they all felt when they came out of the dark.” -C.S.Lewis, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader


15 thoughts on “WTF Friday”

  1. Wierd! I have been having dreams ALOT like that!
    I like them though, until I wake up and the kids are gone.
    I had a really sad dream not long ago, I got my period the next day. I won't post it though, to sad and wierd.

  2. I categorise my dreams: Dreams, Night Ponies, Night Mares, and Night Stallions.

    I seemed to be managing to avoid being aware of dreams for a while but now they are returning and I don't like it. I really don't like it! Especially as the last few have been between Night Mares and Stallions.

  3. look, no dream where you are given or made responsible for children is good.

    this is the worst nightmare ever.

    unless you are dreaming that you are getting punk'd. and ashton is the baby's father. and in order for you to keep the baby he has to give you one million dollars and make his wife go down on you.

    then it would just be a weird dream.

    but not a nightmare.

  4. Dreams are not literal. How did you feel when you woke up, before you started thinking? You have been caretaker to several little ones since you were 2. It's in you. You do it well. They grew up loving & trusting you. Enjoy any little ones that come your way.
    When I wake up frustrated from a dream, ex: 'I can't find the baby! … I can't run … I can't get anyone to listen to me' … I realize that I need to slow down in my real life – I'm doing too much. When I wake up feeling good, I just accept it. And I can count on one hand the number of times my hubs was in the dream … my dreams are me speaking to me (most of the time).

    PS I do love flying dreams. A little tilt of the head, and I'm soaring over tree tops!

  5. Rae, I think you're dealing well with your dreams, i.e. dragging them out from under the bed and staring them in they eye in full daylight. In my experience, that does make them less prone to come back.

    We often do wish for easy solutions, don't we. Life just dropping something good in our lap. While in reality, we usually have to work or fight for it, one way or the other.

    I of course LOVE your Dawn Treader quote and illustration, I don't need to tell you that for you to know.

    Like the idea of WTF Friday! (And thanks for the explanation, since I belong to the Ancient Generation still in need of interpretation of “young-people speak” sometimes.)

    Your comment about “sustained cheerfulness” themes is so spot-on that it actually cheers me up (while the themes do sometimes have reversed effect).

  6. I had horrible kid dreams right before I found out I was pregnant with both girls. always, i had a baby boy and could not take him or want him because I felt he did not belong to me. Gods way of telling me girls were it.

  7. I absolutely love that you're going to do a WTF Wednesday/Friday! Especially because of your comment about not being able to get behind all the cheerfulness of the other obligatory daily ritual posts…


    (I like to keep the cheerfulness to myself too. Reading about that just isnt' as interesting, right???).

  8. I'll be honest here…I have no idea how to respond these dreams. Normally, I would say, “WTF?” But you already did that. 🙂

    Love the theme. I might use that next week on mine 🙂

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