Kall me Kreativ

First Wym at Texas Britches (Airing Dirty Laundry with Style) then OMgirl at Little Pink Houses nominated me for this award. It is reportedly an award for being creative, as evidenced by the badge:

And, while I admit I am busting at the seams with creativity, I’m going to use this opportunity to pat myself on the back for another blog-skill I’ve developed (blog-stalking), which I feel played a part in the bestowal of this prestigious accomplishment on yours truly.

It’s nice to know my stalkage of Wym, Omgirl, and others (like DawnTreader) does not go unnoticed. 

Now, the stipulations are that I have to come up with a bunch of interesting (ie: KREATIV) things to say about myself and then pass this award along to other worthy bloggers. I’m just going to go until I run out of steam.

1.) Once upon a time I had long flowing hair and sang like an angel. I was a princess in disguise, as I told anyone who cared to listen (usually just the bus driver). The country I was supposed to rule over actually contacted me when I turned 23, which I thought was a weird age limit, but whatever. I told them they were TOO LATE. I’d already met the man of my dreams. Besides, my hair had been short for like seven years. What kind of self-respecting princess has short hair? They found someone else and GOOD RIDDANCE.

2.) My acting career was taking OFF when I was waylaid by my stupid education. I was on the verge of moving straight to the heart of New York City to set up shop, renounce my South Jersey roots, and start fist pumping with the best of those hopeless knuckle-dragging morons up in the North. If not for college tuition, you’d know me from my title roll in the latest Miley Cyrus movie.

3.) We own three fully staffed tropical islands and a jet which I house at the local municipal airport (Duwane is the most ridiculous hanger-owner on the face of the planet). Two of the islands are home to world-class chefs who prepare a multi-thousand-dollar feast every night, just in case we unexpectedly show up. Unfortunately, my secret-agent husband and I are unable to travel there often, and we’re absolutely prohibited from sharing with anyone because of our black-ops lifestyle. Thus, the three islands (and the jet) languish, untouched, while we order Domino’s and ride around in the duct-taped Jeep.

That’s it. I’m tapped out. Being creative is really hard. I’m much better at blog-stalking and writing poorly edited snark…

Here are some Kreativ blogs.

First, turn right back around and read Wym’s blog (Texas Britches) and Omgirl’s blog (Little Pink Houses). They are both able to turn a fine tale, kreativly reconstructing everyday life into something both interesting and arresting.

Page Turner’s Book Club is a kreativ use of blog-space. It’s an online book club. I pretty much just use it to bulk up my reading list and offer very long, underdeveloped opinions. And sometimes I go on there to look at their background because it’s pretty. I want to steal their idea but I feel like that’d be inappropriate. (Maybe if I can steal it KREATIVLY…)

How Could You Not?! is written by the Boob Nazi, which is a kreativ blog handle. (It spoke to me.)

One Hungry Chef encourages me to think kreativly about volumetric measurements and non-traditional ingredients. “An American Expat in Oz” writes it, and the pictures are TA-DAH.

On a side note, how come only people outside of America use the word “expat?” I’ve never heard an American in the States use the word “expat” to describe anyone. I might be just spitballing here, but I kind of think I’m on to something. It’s similar to people like me starting to use words like “proper” and “bloody” and shouting “Aussie Aussie Aussie!” and expecting a response, isn’t it?

Stupid expats.


7 thoughts on “Kall me Kreativ”

  1. Funny post. Lot's of great “what if's.” I like the image of black-ops cover as a reason for a non-jet-setting lifestyle. Good one.

    Plus, I may follow some of the trails you've blazed and documented on this site.

    I used to work for an international oil-drilling company. They used the work expat quite a bit. It's a good word, more global-citizenery in its interpretation. 😉

  2. You really are very good at blog-stalking. I might one day have to be kreativ (which is actually the Swedish word/spelling for creative) and come up with a special award just for that! ♥

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