(I have nothing to disclose. I paid good money for my pizza.)

A national pizza giant, Domino’s, has recently inundated the airways with ads for its “new pizza.”

Their story, basically, is that they were receiving loads of negative feedback about the quality of their wares. This isn’t a surprise; Domino’s is not horrific, but it’s nothing to get excited about. You order Domino’s pizza when a mom & pop shop (or seven, as was the case in South Jersey) is unavailable and you can’t leave the house, as in the case of sickness or lots of Sunday afternoon TV watching.

(mushrooms and black olives, the best ever veg toppings)
(don’t argue with me about this, we all know I’m right)

Where we live right now (very southwest Texas), not only are there no mom & pop shops, but there are really no pizza shops at all. Domino’s is our only choice and we use it as a last resort. Pizza isn’t a way of life down here like it was back in South Jersey, so we’re better off ordering tacos and barbacoa. (They are delicious.) 

Despite it’s “red-headed stepchild” standing with us pizza snobs, Domino’s gutsy ad campaign intrigued me, as (I assume) it intended to. Here’s their full story. Most ads run a shorter version of this guy:

I just find it interesting and delightful, having worked for corporations, that a corporate entity took criticism seriously enough to invest the time and money into significantly changing their key, iconic product. Seems like a big thing, a risky thing, and something I want to maybe get behind. In my fantastic opinion, more companies should be doing this kind of thing.

So, while basking in the trouncing of the Patriots by underdog Ravens (us Philly peeps love an underdog, plus Ray Rice went to my alma mater) this weekend, we ordered some new Domino’s.

(oh yes, they did)

Well. They reportedly changed three things. And here’s what I think:

  1. New sauce: Meh. I notice nothing wildly different. It was good, and definitely tomato-y, which I can’t recall noticing in the old version. But it may just be that I was aware of it this time around.
  2. New cheese (real cheese): Slightly noticeable. The cheese is better. I don’t know that I’m convinced it’s no longer processed cheese (no real “gooey” factor), but it does seem to be better quality than their old version.
  3. New crust/treatment for edges: DELICIOUS buttery garlic-parmesan crusts. I don’t (as a rule) eat crusts, they bore me. Why fill my belly with stuff I don’t even like? Now, however, I would order Domino’s just for the crust. No exaggeration. That’s how good it was.

 (crust was AMAZING on this one… must have been amped up by the peperoni and peppers)

I give the new Domino’s pizza my stamp of approval. It has gone from “last resort” to legitimate casual-meal-day option. In fact, the crust may well rocket this foodstuff into the crave-able eats category.

Well played, Domino’s. Well played.

12 thoughts on “#newpizza”

  1. Good critique, especially from a Jersey girl. My wife is from Long Island where pizza also is an art form. I also give props to a corporation for opting for such a bold advertising campaign.

  2. Good to know! I had seen that commercial and wondered myself whether the change really was significant. I haven't ordered dominos since I was 14, I think. So I have no real recollection of eating a dominos the old way. But I am tempted to try one now, especially after what you said about the crust. Becuase I am just like you, I never waste my time on the crust when there are more cheese and toppings to be had. Except for a Pizza Hut pan pizza crust, which is like heaven. So I'd like to see how this crust compares.

  3. Even Little Caesars had them beat in our house. I am gonna give it a try thanks to you. If you are wrong I will send the Mexan voodoo gods after you.

  4. No Domino's near us…and a few good mom and pops. However, I'm budget conscious these days, and have been making my own pizza for our Friday night regulars…yes, crust and all. Which brings me to my dilemma…I used a good crust recipe a few weeks back, but don't know which one it is. My most recent crust endeavors have been marginal…maybe I'll sprinkle some garlic on the edges…

    On a side note, I gave you 10 points for Trixie Belden back a few weeks ago, you lost one for rooting against the Patriots! 🙂

  5. humm,, interesting,, I may give them a try. I normally have the attitude I would eat a cold hot dog before Domino's Pizza. I think I will try this one out. (and I have already had lunch,lol)

  6. Sounds like it's worth a try. We had sworn off after the last desperate purchase – skimpy, flat sauce, hopeless cheese and cardboard crust.

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