My brother, Hawk, is responsible for the discovery of Doctor Who.

To my brother, I offer my deepest apologies for not crediting him with that awesome find. To everyone else, recognize the Hawk-mazingness. RESPECT!

On a side note, please look at those glasses. The only reason there’s only two sets (instead of five) is because the rest of us discovered the wonder of contact lenses.


5 thoughts on “Correction”

  1. Glad to hear you know of Dr. Who. He companies well with Arthur Dent. (I often think of the cover of the Guide: Don't Panic. Good counsel.) The catch-phrase of Dr. Who? (Run!)

  2. What a great picture! Love the glasses comment…I too wear lenses.

    Your 'things I learned in Mexas' list is hilarious.
    We just moved from MI to TX.

    It's been interesting.

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