Happy Eve

Tis the night a’fore Christmas and all through our house all us creatures are stirring, except for the cat.

We actually have stockings hung by our built-in mantle piece (with care).

And being an adult means we don’t have to count on St. Nicolas to show up. (Although we are watching him on Santa Tracker.)

I am excited about our punk rock tree. It was Hubs’ idea. It’s decorated with glitter ornaments. Hot pink and black glitter ornaments. 

Tomorrow cannot come soon enough. My husband is excellent at purchasing gifts, as are every single one of my family members. I cannot WAIT to open presents. Despite my age (which, in a few weeks, will be officially late-twenties) I might wake up way too early. That’s how much I freaking love Christmas.

Merry Christmas Eve, all. To family and friends: We miss you!


3 thoughts on “Happy Eve”

  1. Can I just tell you how happy I am that you were excited about opening presents? Every year, my in-law family comes up with some new way to spoil my Christmas. “Let's do homemade gifts” (they all turned out crappy and were more expensive). Let's do a white elephant Christmas!” (you can imagine how that turned out.) Last year, a bunch of them said, “Let's not do presents this year.” WTH?? ( So hubs and I just gave prsents anyway.) And this year it was a gift exchange, which actually wasn't that bad. But I still don't get what's so bad about just doing a traditional Christmas with lots of presents. I love presents! So that is why, Woman, you rock!

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