I Got an Award

This month, I won an award from Liza at Middle Passages. This post is my continuation of that honor onto other worthy writers.

First, I will give you a lovely recipe, one that I am missing very much at this point, because Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers are impossible to find even in cities. Never mind the wilds of Tejas. But if you ever see them, buy them, and make this recipe. Because it is AMAZING.

Also, take a picture and send it to me. I am jonsing for this cake.

Icebox Cake

1 box of Nabisco Famous Chocolate Wafers
1 (ish) pint of heavy whipping cream, whipped (maybe with a bit of vanilla extract added)

Assemble: spread a layer of (real) whipped cream on either side of the cookie. Then do that to another cookie. Then smoosh them together. Continue to do this, building a log-like shape on some fabulous holiday serving platter. When you’ve used up all the cookies (this is why the whipped cream amount was an “-ish,” it’s good to have more cream than cookies. Although you will probably eat some cookies…)

Refrigerate: at least overnight.

The action of this cake is that the thick (REAL) whipped cream and chocolate meld together. The wafers soften up, the whipped cream gets a bit more firm. It can be eaten with either fork or spoon. When you eat, be prepared to be overwhelmed with richness. It. Is. So. Good.

Now to business. The following blogs are my self-proclaimed winners of this award:

These notations are for your enjoyment. (If any recipients want to pass this award on, check out Liza’s post for the details.)

The Island of the Voices: The author was born and raised (and still living in) Sweden. Swedish is her first language, yet the blog is written entirely in English. She has multiple blogs, all of which deserve a look, but this is my favorite. She’s very well read for a non-native speaker, and her posts often reflect thoughtful reflections on culture, literature, and language.

Chase Images: A professional photographer posts a breathtaking photo, daily. They are always stunning.

loveinmidair: A soon-to-be-published writer (I think on her first book) waxes philosophic about the joys and sorrows of making a living writing novels. Interesting, and often insightful. Plus, I anticipate being able to claim “firstie” bragging rights when she is a NY Times bestselling author.

The Art of Brittney Lee: This blog is maintained by a professional artist and illustrator. Very cute, very my style. I love when she posts something new. The paper-craft illustrations are especially awesome.

Thanks again, Liza! Your blog is super lovely!


4 thoughts on “I Got an Award”

  1. I love icebox cake and haven't had it forever!!! Of course someone who read Trixie Belden would also know icebox cake! Now I may have to scope out the chocolate wafers, which I can still find when I am lucky! Here's a tip. If you can find some thin, round gingersnaps, you can do the same thing with them. No, it's not chocolate, but it's still yummy. Thanks for the reminder and thanks for the blog recommendations. I'll check them out.

    Merry Christmas!!

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