Christmas in Tejas

Christmas in Tejas is my favorite. There’s not a lot of people-watching, but this place makes up for it in other ways.  (Plus, it’s warm.)

Aside from the sweeping clouds full of abnormally huge ravens (Bot calls them “Grackles,” a name she and her man totally made up, but which is very appropriate), there are now small, inky black birds with blood red eyeballs. I tried to get a photo of the eyeballs, but this is all I could manage with my phone’s camera:

{Edit: I have been informed by several people that “grackle” really exists, and it’s not the bird that occurs around here in the thousands. The unkindness of ravens are Chihuahuan in nature. Aka: Chihuahuan Ravens.}

Then, there are the “hunters,” swarming area outdoors stores. “Hunting” in Tejas involves paying to enter an enclosed (stocked) ranch, filling a feeder, then climbing into a stand a hundred yards from a feeder. Then the “hunter” waits for some tame, sad animal to come eat from the feeder.

Or, even better, if the “hunter” is in a hurry, they can just pay someone to stock a trailer with exotic game, and shoot it through the slats.

(That actually happens.)

If a hunter is really serious, they ditch the stand and the feeder. They just get in a helicopter, fly around, and shoot at game from the air. Which is why you might see this in a parking lot:

Icing on the cake is walking into WalMart and seeing this piece of awesomeness:

I’ll leave you with a little something I gleaned from Tib over at Shark Bait:


6 thoughts on “Christmas in Tejas”

  1. We had a “pet” grackle when I was a kid. We rescued it from an abandoned nest. It grew up in our house, nurtured to adulthood on pea soup and milk-soaked bread. When it was old enough, we let it go. For a few weeks, it would come back to land on our shoulders when we would call to it (and dive bomb the terrified neighbors, trying to land on their shoulders). But then it flew off to greener pastures, uh, forests.

  2. That's such a sad way to hunt! No fair!!

    Funny ad. I think I'd cry a lot if all I could look forward to was an appliance. Although the Grand Mixer does look good. And the Coffee Maker brings back memories – just like Mom used to have.

  3. There really are grackles – iridescent black birds with rather long tails but about the size of a Blue Jay. Ravens approach a small chicken in size, looking like crows but bigger and with a heavier skull.

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