It’s Alive!

Our computer DIED last week. Like, glassy-screened, flat-lined, could-not-resuscitate died. I had to drive it all the way to San Antonio and then wait almost a week while it got a new brain.

So am catching up on a whole week of non-online, which is basically like returning to food after forty days of fasting (yes it IS the same thing, Mom). Thus, here is a list of good things I would like to share with you until I can pull myself together and properly blog about all the wondrous glories of the Kindle, having a whole month off, and my plans for grad school, which I was momentously accepted to the SAME MORNING the computer died.

  1. The Geek Squad at Best Buy is amazing. They fixed it. Granted, they wiped its brain and now all my cool pictures and lists are lost forever. To be fair, though, I actually have two hard drives on this computer, and I never back up the one I actually use on the spare (backup) drive. So the missing data is my fault, and the fabulous fix is all on them.
  2. I like the Kindle. A. LOT. It has a dictionary built in so anytime I see a I word I’m not quite sure of I can just move the cursor up and a little box appears at the bottom of the screen with a short definition. Coolest feature ever.
  3. I got an award from Liza at Middle Passages. More later, but Liza is cool, and she deserves at least two shout outs. So here is one: WHAT’S UP LIZA!?!?!?!
  4. I have two new followers; both are writers. This, along with my appropriate use of the semi-colon in the previous sentence, ups my credibility considerably.

More later. Unless the brain dies again. But I have high hopes…

4 thoughts on “It’s Alive!”

  1. So sorry about all the stuff you lost! How cool, though, that your awesome in-laws gave you the Kindle just before it happened. And congrats on the acceptance to grad school!!!

  2. I thought you might have got buried under a mountain of student essays or something… 😉

    Glad to hear your computer could be fixed. My dead one is just still standing there. It's to heavy for me to move anywhere on my own…

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