That’s What Pets Are For

Kitty’s Christmas lessons:

Christmas time is for flair. Like no other time of year, Christmas is for dressing up in warm, seasonal garb. Fur collars are a must.

Christmas time is for glitter and glitz, looking fabulous, and making an extreme impression on everyone you see.

Christmas time is for classic, timeless styles. A-line skirts, straight cut suits, and Windsor knots are always “in” at Christmas time.

Christmas time is for feeling safe, secure, and not used or maligned by caretakers who may or may not be obsessed with gratuitous costumery…

Most of all, Christmas time is for good eating.

(Here’s wishing you all joy as the holiday season officially begins its full swing.)


5 thoughts on “That’s What Pets Are For”

  1. Love the costumes!!! I wish Ziggy would let me dress him up. I'll put a sweater on him and he thinks he's in trouble and gets depressed 😦

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