Sunday, pensativamente

1. Sunday morning Nae and I drove to San Antonio, where we cheered for Sha and her Mon as they crossed the finish line at the San Antonio half marathon. My self-diagnosed ADHD kicked in about two minutes into waiting for them to show up, so I spent most of my time people watching and commenting to Nae, only about half of which she actually caught. Still, it kept me busy.

I know I recently posted about hating physical activity with a baby-punching passion, but Sha’s race, plus a pep-talk from my Dad (who was the best coach I ever had) about my past athleticism and why/where I lost my love for it has got me marinating. I know enough about me to know the I things I need in order to be successful if I’m going to take up running again, including but not limited to:

  • a very solid schedule (one that takes up the same amount of time EVERY day, not 3x a week)
  • at least one running buddy (someone who will show up when I do, not necessarily run next to me… a team, basically)
  • an objective goal (ie: a race) 

If any one of these things are missing I lose interest pretty quickly. Activity for active’s sake is not something I’ve ever been able to get the hang of. I know that. But I reaaaaaaaallllly would like this kind of euphoria back in my life:

Maybe activity for euphoria’s sake will do it. We shall see. I’m almost certain you’ll hear more about this at some point so stay tuned…

2. Nae and I then took a quick jaunt up to Ikea, which she has never experienced. None of the substantial pieces of furniture I needed were there, to my dismay. However, I did get a plateful of meatballs and several small items from the marketplace. Which came in handy later…..

Aaaand Nae and I spent pretty much the entire afternoon in an ongoing comparison of likes and dislikes, which we’ve never officially done before. I already suspected that we were pretty much coming at life from opposite ends of the spectrum, but I don’t think I ever realized how extremely comprehensive our list of opposites is:

  • Yellow is pretty much my favorite color; Nae hates it with a passion.
  • Country music is Nae’s lifeblood; I dis-enjoy it.
  • I am a huge fan of foreign-made cars, which I know nothing about; Nae is a lifetime lover of domestic autos, which she is a freaking expert on.
  • I am a snob about Nascar; Nae loves it.
  • Northeast is the vaterland, and houses all that is right and good in America; Nae continues to mistakenly insist that Midwest is best.
  • The Patriots are her mortal enemy whereas I am a shameful traitor who cheers for them if they haven’t spanked the Eagles too badly in the recent past. 

The list goes on (although we discovered that neither of us know enough about Lutherans to have an opinion).

I was actually delighted with this day-long conversation. I’ve never really subscribed to the “opposites attract” theory of relationships. The things one person has in common with another ultimately determines quality and longevity in a relationship; this I am sure of. Opposites are distractions at best, and relationship-destroying points of contention at worst.

So talking with Nae really made me think. She is my oldest and truest Mexas friend, we get along quite well, and I plan on keeping in touch with her for many years. The same could be said for several of my other gal pals. And I found myself really spending some time on the notion of how is it that we have so little “in common” and still manage to maintain solid, quality friendships?

This one took me a while, but I think I’ve got it (basically) figured out: all that stuff is peripheral. I used to like cyan blue the best, and I “might could” change my mind about Country music tomorrow (don’t get your hopes up). But my values, the things I won’t budge on, what I consider essential, these are similar to those of my friends:

  • honor (honesty, fessing to mistakes and moving on, recognizing both weaknesses and strengths in self)
  • loyalty (when the going gets tough, you get tougher [and you stick it out])
  • family (comes first, with very few exceptions; especially spouses)
  • RockBand

When I think about it this way, my friendships make complete sense and I can safely keep that “opposite attract” ideology on the “crap” shelf, where I believe it belongs.

I was very happy when I figured that out because I was all set to defy the laws of physics. I will be damned if I forsake any of my friends over a fundamental like/dislike of Joel Osteen or the validity of British pop as a musical genre. But it turns out I don’t even have to worry about it.

Growing up is so much fun sometimes. Moving on.

3. About a half hour into our 3+ hour ride back to the wilds of Texas, a guy drove up next to us and frantically waved us down. I immediately pulled over, and we exited the vehicle to see my back tire flopping to a halt, flat as a pancake.

I don’t have friends who love Nascar for nothing. That spare was on and we were rolling in less than twenty minutes, no thanks to me:

(In case you can’t tell, this photo is staged. Please note the Ikea rug protecting my delicate knees.)

We spent the next hour chit-chatting and avoiding a creepy mcCreepster at the closest WalMart while they outfitted my vehicle with a brand spankin’ new tire. Let me just add that Nae came through once again and pretty much did ALL the talking at the auto check-in.

Tires have a mileage warranty?! Who knew?!

On a side (related) note, this incident made me instantly switch from bummed out to super glad that none of the hulking flat-pack furniture I’d wanted from Ikea had been available. That pancake-tire situation would have been about five gagillion times worse with those beasts in the back of my luscious foreign-made automobile with my four cylinder engine. (I looked it up, and I am slightly ashamed of what I know now is an embarrasing lack of power. On the bright side, my vehicle will never fishtail. EVER.)


What I learned this Sunday:   
Convince Sha to run more races. 

And learn more about cars.

And give Country a chance. 

And bring Nae everywhere, whenever possible.


9 thoughts on “Sunday, pensativamente”

  1. Contemplations:
    1. “dis-enjoy” is delicious.
    2. I loathed country music and loved rock and pop until I started getting old and got tired of lyrics about how no one understands [the lyricist] and how hard life is [for a 20 year old with more money than sense] and how an awful hangover and blackouts means [the lyricist] must have had a really good time last night and just how fantastic meaningless sexual debauchery makes you feel.
    So after all that, you hear a lyric like “I want to walk with you in a field of wildflowers, I want to check you for ticks” and you think,
    Well okay then.
    And you pull off the road so you can laugh really hard and not crash your car. And that beats the pants off a post-deauchery hangover.

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