Odds ‘n’ Ends

First and foremost, these ladies have suddenly fallen into some good fortune in the form of a book deal and then a Kindle appeared at their doorstep. I guess they figured they’d share the wealth, because they’re giving the Kindle away. You should probably check it out. Follow their blog and you’re entered. Comment and you get another entry. So easy!


I’m shocked at the lack of riotous rejoicing by NY Yankees fans after winning a World Series against “arch-rivals” Phillies. I guess after 27 WS wins the trash talking is more interesting than the actual victory?


I love this. I wish I was six years old and had hair bows so I could use it. I would, of course, make the lady who hand-fashions these change the theme from Cowboys (puke) to Eagles. But it’s super-cute EVEN WITH THE COWBOYS LOGO. That’s hard to do, trust me.

Those loops in the middle are for headbands. Almost makes me regret my tomboy childhood.


Saw this with my Ma in San Antonio, as we emerged from Whole Foods:

A little over the top, no? I’m tempted to affix a Dwight Shrute bobble-head to the front of my hood in passive-aggressive retaliation.


Kitty has (quite suddenly) adopted a host of new behaviors and preferences, including but not limited to:

  • sleeping on my head
  • hanging out inside cabinets (nesting)
  • sitting between my bedroom curtains and the wall
  • sitting in the bathtub
  • ignoring fresh water and drinking exclusively from water found in the bathroom
  • being “patted,” which is different from “petted”
  • jumping three and a half vertical feet onto the countertop and camping out among cooking utensils

The last one is freaking me out the most. She’s never EVER been interested in the counters. When I joked earlier that I must be driving the cat crazy from talking at her so much while Hubs is gone I might have jinxed myself.


I’m keeping up on NaNoWriMo, which is unexpected. What’s been helpful is an unexpected word-count rivalry with an old college buddy. Thank goodness. I would be 5,000 words behind by now if I didn’t have the motivation gained from possibly beating someone. The best part is that, even if I ultimately get spanked, I’ll still probably make it to 50,000 words (which is the goal of NaNoWriMo) by the end of November. That’s a pretty freakin’ sweet consolation prize.


Found out that my contract (faculty? staff? No one knows, and I like it that way.) will almost definitely be renewed next semester. AND I might be in new, swanky digs. And grad school apps are pending committee review. AND I can take undergrad classes here (auto-repair is tempting) completely gratis. All of which is very exciting.  I love school. So much.


My mom is in town! And she likes my house. Also, she likes watching TV.

I love when people visit me, especially people who like my house and watching TV. And who raised me.

I’m pretty sure my mother looks younger than I do in this picture. Which is how it should be. Hopefully I got the “age backwards” gene.


10 thoughts on “Odds ‘n’ Ends”

  1. You & your Mom are GORGEOUS!
    Did either of you ever think to run in a beauty contest? 😉
    PS … Don't spread ugly lies though, I know for a fact that your mother does NOT watch TV.

  2. Congrats on your NaNo progress! 🙂

    I feel so out of the whole Yankees/Phillies thing. Wha-? Who won? When was it? Oh, did anyone watch? So not into sports.

  3. Olá Rae!

    You don’t worry about Kitty new behaviors, my Micha behave just like that.
    You and your mum seem to be very nice and both very young!

    Até logo!

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