H’ween ’09

Those of you who don’t know me personally might not know that I am slightly obsessed with made-from-scratch-cookies. Mint chocolate chip cookies are my everyday go-to, while sugar cookies are for special occasions. The sugar cookie thing started when I worked for a cake and candy buyer at A.C. Moore (an east coast Michael’s) and was given many items to take home and experiment with, since my former nun of a boss didn’t really cook or bake. Or leave work. But that’s a story for another day.

I have a point, I do.

My friend Bot lives next door to me, so when she invited me and Sha and Nae over for Halloween festivities (costumes were mandatory) I readily accepted. I’m a big fan of not-having-to-drive-home. I immediately began planning my costume, originally an iteration of Lady Gaga, that would include the Google logo placed strategically across my chest, entitled “Lady Google-Ga.” But the six dollar super-blond wig I bought would not conform to Lady Gaga’s trademark bangs and I had to rethink.

Wandering around the local WalMart (my other option was Cato) provided the answer. Hanging before me was a child’s Romo jersey. Tony Romo is the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, arguably one of the most widely-loved football teams in the world. The Cowboys are a “silver spoon” kind of team, and thus, Philadelphia Eagles fans (yo soy) hate them with a deep, undying passion.

Romo was also boyfriend to pop star Jessica Simpson, who was held responsible for all sorts of horrific bits of bad luck and poor performance by the Cowboys, since most of them coincided with the advent of the celebrity relationship.

Simpson was (very publicly) dumped by Romo a few months ago, on the eve of her 29th birthday bash, which was canceled due to a broken heart. The pop star criticized Romo heavily in the months that followed, as did Cowboys fans, who realized that it wasn’t Simpson’s ministrations but Romo’s lack of talent which was destroying their group from the inside out.

*deep breaths*

Anyways, Simpson is sometimes super-blond. So I bought the Romo jersey.

Several hair attempts and ruined markers later (Go Eagles!), I had my costume:

I like to think of it as a modified Jessica Simpson. One with stronger ethnic features (but minimal Irish chin in this picture, thank you Sha). And a superbly and appropriately defaced Romo jersey. And a bit too much Tito’s in her belly.  Although, how much is too much, when you’re a scorned pop star, really? Is there even a limit?

The other gals also dressed up:

Sha as Joel Goodsen in Risky Business
Nae as a child’s version of superhero
Bot as a witch and Mr.Bot as a Tejas hipster

Along with our amazing costumes, we also got our creative juices flowing. Bot created pans and pans of hand-crafted Halloween truffles:

(She calls them cake balls, but they taste way too fancy for that. I would go with “deadly balls of deliciousness” if I were her.)

And as for me, I made cookies. I made many, many cookies. They were shaped like tombstones (Wilton Comfort Grip cookie cutter, so good) and each was decorated with the name of of a celebrity who passed away this summer. The resulting cake was titled: “Summer of Death Cemetery.”

And can I just say that homemade sugar cookies topped with copious amounts of homemade buttercream icing are AMAZING for lunch and dinner.

And no one threw up.

Halloween 2009: Complete and total success.


7 thoughts on “H’ween ’09”

  1. Wym- no the “Tejas hipster” was not a costume. He always looks that cool 😉
    p.s. he HATES being called a hipster. Only Rachel is allowed :),kind of.

  2. I seriously love Halloween, as you know. And I also love baking, as you might or might not know. (this is why we like each other's blogs, I think). So when I saw your tombstone cookie pic, I fell instantly into mad love with them. I WILL buy this cookie mold immediately. And I will steal your tombstone celebrity death idea too. Sorry. Imitiation is the sincerst blah blah blah, right???

  3. I think I love cookies almost as much as you do. My favorite cookie accessorie is a cookie cutter in the shape of a hatchet that I bought as a souvenir at the Lizzie Borden Bed and Breakfast in Massachussets. (It's in her for-real house).
    They serve the guests little hatchet sugar cookies with red icing on the edge of the blade.
    I think you would like it there.

  4. Hmmm… a little bit macabre for my taste, I think… However, it was not really for cookies that I came today, but to say it's my turn to present you with an award. You can pick it up here

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