Music Suggestions, Please

I’m compiling a playlist of classical music for the writing center (work). I need help. Please help.


9 thoughts on “Music Suggestions, Please”

  1. I absolutely adore Chopin. although beethoven might be more inspirational for writing (it all sounds like it has a major story behind it), Chopin's nocturnes and Preludes are just so relaxing and beautiful.

  2. I would probably stick with non lyrical music. while most classical music is in a different language, i find that i can tune out strictly intrumental sounds, the minute someone starts singing i zero in on it and can't stop. I know barnes and noble has a bunch of chill out music, classical and others. right now i'm listening to their “sunday music vol:4 Classical” good stuff

  3. Tchaikovsky's (?spelling?) Pathetique and Romeo & Juliet are 2 of my favorites off the top of my head. Will email you a longer list.

  4. Here are some starters that are all accessible — you can email me for further discussion:

    Bach (Brandenburg, violin Sonatas & concertos, orchestral suites)Telemann
    Beethoven symphonies (5 and 9 esp.)
    Anything by Mozart – start with piano or string concertos
    Mendelssohn symphonies (4th esp.)
    Handel (esp. Watermusic)

  5. What kind of mood are you after? Peaceful, dramatic, varied…?

    They (whoever they are) say Mozart is to be particularly good for study purposes. Helps concentration and whatever…

    Google “mozart music intelligence”

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