Movie Shakedown

Several of my bloggy-friends have partaken in this “how much do we REALLY have in common?” exercise. I call it that because everybody knows that your taste in movies and music are pretty much what define you as a person. Sometimes one can cancel the other out, for good or for evil. But it’s one of the mathematical dimensions (ie: intrinsic) of human existence that if we disagree on movies AND music we can never be friends. Nay. I shall go further. We should probably never even speak to each other.

Thankfully, most of my country-music loving friends have excellent taste in movies. And those of you who have never watched Sleepless in Seattle all the way through are given a “by” via your love of thrushgrass.

Today it’s all about the movies. Here is my list, which may change at any time (depending on what kind of people I’m trying to be friends with).

Funniest Movie: Mystery Men
Scariest Movie: The Others*
Worst Movie Ever: Into the Wild
Most Romantic Movie: Sleepless in Seattle
Most Boring Movie: unknown**
Best Romantic Comedy: Grosse Pointe Blank
Most Exciting Movie: Apollo 13***
Best Feel-Good Movie: Invincible
Most Disturbing Movie: Schindler’s List
Best Animated Movie: Chicken Run
Best Movie To Watch Over and Over Again: My Cousin Vinny
Best Movie of All Time: The Sound of Music

*I spend most of my time laughing at horror movies. The Others, though not the best ever, creeped me out enough to kill off any humor. AND left a lasting impression. Every time I find a cabinet or curtain open I immediately think of those little ghost children… blech.
**We have a standing rule in our house that movies which bore us get shut off immediately. (Except for the first 5 minutes, we give every movie at least 5 minutes.) Thus, I have never watched a “boring” movie long enough to remember it.
***No matter how many times I watch it, I’m always on the edge of my seat asking, “are they going to MAKE IT?!?!?!”

I’m adding two categories of my own.

Most Quotable Movie: Monty Python’s Holy Grail
Best Movie Soundtrack: Big Chill

And I have a few other comments:

  • Although Into the Wild was the worst movie ever, Titanic was the biggest fail.
  • Grosse Pointe Blank could also have walked away with Best Soundtrack.
  • The only reason Invincible beats Miracle is because it’s about the Eagles (that and Mark Wahlberg).
  • Shout out to Monsters, Inc and the Kill Bill franchise.
  • I would watch Band of Brothers again and again. Which is a lot, coming from this war-movie wuss.
  • Finally, Julie Andrews rocks my socks off.

6 thoughts on “Movie Shakedown”

  1. Great list. I forgot how much Apollo 13 had me on the edge of my seat until you mentioned it. And I love Sleepless In Seattle, despite myself. And Grosse Pointe Blank is in my top 10 movies ever, I think. I seriously considered it for best romantic comedy. I've never seen Into the Wild. And now I want to, despite your warning, just so I can see how bad it is. I'm messed up.

  2. I'm amazed at how many I agree with you about considering the generation gap. The only notable exception would be the Sound of Music which I might classify as the Best Comedy! (I would have rebelled if I'd been one of those kids, and Maria and I are just 2 different people!)

  3. I would say that anything with Jennifer Aniston after Office Space would count.

    Also, please tell me you've seen Office Space. That and Tommy Boy. And Airplane. And Anchorman.

    See those, then tell me Mystery Men is funnier.

  4. I was so disaggreeing with you when I started reading. No way we're going to have the same movies on a list – different generation and all. (And I can't keep my eyes open reading the books on your list – I'm not intellectual enough – give me a brain wasting /time wasting /feel good romance novel.) But then I saw your movie list! So many I agreed with. And the clincher – Sound of Music. But my list would have had Murphy's Romance on it somewhere.

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