Back to School

La Familia de Tejas

My trip to Minneapolis was incredible. Bot is the kind of traveling companion you can only hope and pray for: chipper 98% of the time, and quick to disappear or go to bed the other 2%. I laughed more last weekend than I probably have since Easter, when Zee and Hubs and the rest of my siblings were all together, just breathing comedic gold.

Nae got waylaid by the evil Denver airport, but made it in time to witness Sha’s exchange of vows and then celebrate afterward, long into the night.

Pre-festivities. We’re ready.

Here are some more pictures to give you a taste of how amazing the trip was:

MOA amusement park in the MIDDLE OF THE MALL
MOA lazy river log ride in foreground
Sunset at the club, which was an AMAZING venue
Rehearsal dinner. I am cracking everyone up, of course. And by everyone I mean Sha and Bot.

Be jealous. Be very jealous.

(Cousins, I think Minne should still be a goal. After we’re done scouring MOA, we can tour “Uptown,” which is apparently very hip and interesting. And they have good coffee.)

On an interesting side note, the bride and groom did a cool thing which I haven’t seen or heard of, but which I thought was downright awesome, so I’m going to share.

DJ (that’s the groom) was raised by his mother. His dad bounced early on and never really reappeared. Though he’s lived with his dad’s last name his whole life, he felt it was kind of a rip to expect Sha to take it on, all things considered. So you know what they did? BOTH the bride and groom changed their last name. They’re going by DJ’s mom’s maiden name. How cool/sweet is that?!

In other news, Hubs is away on business and I have two fantastic cousins arriving from South Jersey TOMORROW to keep me company for a long weekend. I wish I could say I’ve been cleaning like a maniac, but that would be a lie. I was home sick yesterday and took the opportunity to wallow in some therapeutic driving slash wandering around Target. People avoided me like the plague, because I pretty much had the plague, but the day ended with me feeling slightly better physically and tons better mentally.

I left the plague on some door handles and shopping carts. I also sneezed all over housewares for good measure. And I may have indulged in a OTC-cold-syrup-induced nap on the drive back. No telling. The roads here are very straight so no harm done…

There will be more to share in the coming days. For now, I am catching up on TV shows, procrastinating with the cleaning, and finding new things to keep me busy online. Please visit the National Novel Writing Month website. It’s pretty cheeky, and very entertaining. If you do it with me I will shout you out for all the world to know. If not, I will ignore you for a whole month.

Not really.


5 thoughts on “Back to School”

  1. That name changing thing is becoming quite common in Sweden. I mean for both to take a different name, either a new invention or an old family name. Or sometimes the man takes the woman's name instead of the other way round. Thinking about it I have several friends who chose one of these alternatives and not just recently either but like twenty years ago…

    Glad you had a good time!

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