I Luv Flying

(**”Scheduled posting” totally failed on this one. Sorry ’bout that!)

The title is a lie.

I used to love flying. This was when it was a novelty and, thus, exciting. Now, after watching the ground recede and reappear many times, it is all about the many ways I could die. Having more insight into the mind of pilots than I did ten years ago also doesn’t help. As you read this I am soaring over the Midwest, headed En Avant on my way to approximately Minneapolis, MN, home of Prince, the Target Corporation, the Mall of America (I said approximately), and the largest nonjuried performing arts festival in the US. I am ignoring my recently acquired fear of flying for all that goodness.

And the wedding, of course.

One thing that hasn’t changed in the recent past, however, is how much I enjoy all things Southwest Airlines.

I am not a paid spokesperson, obviously. They barely know I exist. (I say “barely” because they did just email me to ask for my personal info, so they wouldn’t have to taze me at the gate.)

Instead of spending a lot of time with lengthy explanations, I will just do a list. But first I will say that I’m on a Southwest flight at least once every three months. That’s at least eight round trips a year, which is 16 flights, on 16+ planes. I know what I’m talking about.

And they are better than the rest.

  • No baggage fees. At least not for the two bags that I always bring. This alone is a deciding factor for me.
  • I can choose my own seat (always near the potty).
  • Their website is inviting, and simple, and clean, and it makes sense.
  • They give me prizes for flying (free round trip! Holla!)
  • Peanuts are still served on board (they haven’t given in to the Man).
  • You can have as many snacks AS YOU WANT. Seriously. If you want three packages of those cheddar cheese crackers or six bags of peanuts, they graciously hand them over.
  • Direct flights to Philly exist.
  • Flight attendants are REALLY NICE.
  • Always, if I plan, I can find the flight I want for less than $200 round trip.

That’s enough. I always go to Southwest first, when looking for airfare. And if I book far enough in advance, they’re usually giving me the lowest fare, along with the best service.

I luv them.


7 thoughts on “I Luv Flying”

  1. Hi, just catching up! Hope you're enjoying the wedding and the mini-break.

    I am still smiling about 'slothing' and 'cheetang' πŸ™‚

    Oh, and very interesting ten facts earlier, too!

  2. I have been flying since before you were hatched and so with all authority and expertise –

    Southwest is the BEST airline there has ever been in the history of the world!

    Why oh why don't they fly into the airports I live near now?
    (…wailing and gnashing of teeth…)

  3. I'm so jealous. They don't fly out of either Charlotte or Columbia so unless I'm flying to the West Coast (which might make the 3 hour trip to the nearest airport they fly from) I'm stuck with United (ugh!)

  4. I'm not a Southwest flyer. Mainly because I'm never on time to the gate, so I'd end up in the last group to board and I would get stuck with a crappy seat. I'm not a huge flying fan and I tend to get sick if I'm not in an aisle seat relatively close to the front of the plane where its less bumpy.

  5. I have thought several times recently of doing an ode to Southwest, but I never got around to it. So, yes, I wholeheartedly agree with everything you said. Plus, sometimes they sing to you over the loudspeaker.

    Oh, and I don't sell my soaps on etsy. I was going to, but then I realized the way I make them (one at a time) it wasn't really cost effective. But I make batches now and then to sell at craft fairs and boutiques and stuff. I'd happily make you any you'd like. I charge $4 for big ones, $3 for little ones, $5 for a bag of leaves or other “guest soaps.”

  6. They have been the “underdogs” in the past. I like them,, one of their earlier slogans was ” we move our tails for you”.. lol.. cause a little bit of a ruckus, lol

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