Countdown to Getaway

Even a mini-vacation still counts as a vacation. And so the day before a mini-vacation is just as much of a beast as the day before a full-fledged vacation.

The minute-hand on the clock by my office door is slothing by.

I made that verb up today. It means “to behave in a sloth-like manner; to move as slowly or slower than a sloth. Antonym: cheetang; to behave in a cheetah-like matter…”

My clock is slothing.

Heck, my whole day is slothing.

I understand that in a few short hours I will be back at this desk, returned from my vacation, and wondering when, exactly, the clock decided to quit slothing and start cheetang. On that day I will bemoan cheetang and wish desperately that I’d had more slothing. I will, in point of fact, regret my unkind words and harsh attitude toward slothing. Perhaps this is what Dali was thinking of when he painted “The Persistence of Memory”

Not today, though. Today I want more cheetang and less slothing.


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