We Have a Dream

You might have missed my last post, which isn’t your fault. I have problems with numbers, just like I have issues with spelling. I still count and do basic addition on my fingers. Just can’t seem to make it stick in my head. I might be a comedic genius when I write, but not when someone asks me for the solution to 13+8. In my world, “9” means “October.” Apologies. (Thanks to Kathleen for tipping me off.)

Anyways, you should read it, if you didn’t already. It’s about a close encounter with a hunky man. Here’s a link for your reading pleasure.

In other news, I have a trip coming up. My friend Sha got engaged a while back and has recently returned to her vaterland where she is wrapping up preparations for the most epic wedding of all time. Seriously.

I’m pretty sure a 21 gun salute and a laser light show are scheduled.

Anyways, I’m psyched out of my mind. First, because my friends Bot and Nae are joining me for this epic adventure. It’s pretty much a gals mini-vacay. Although it’s very mini; it’s still a vacay. It’s also a reunion of sorts, since I have recently moved away from Nae and Sha and will not see them as frequently. Also because all of us are growing up and earning big girl pants and some of us might not be long for Mexas/Tejas in general. Which is sad, but helps make this trip all the more epic. It’s like four years of sleep-away camp all rolled into a day and a half.

We might even get the elusive group photo. Only one exists. It includes themes not fit for public consumption, which is why it is not posted here.You can just imagine, if you want.

My other reason for being psyched out of my mind is that I will be visiting the Mall of America for the very first time in my entire life.

Let me tell you a little something about why this is such a big deal. Aside from this, of course:

My cousins and I all grew up together. Ours was a very large, quasi-ethnic family. Also, many of us were born within a few years of each other. So we all hung out a LOT, and assumed that would always be the case. It kind of still is, although we “hang out” at much greater distances and with lots more time in-between. Anyways, when the six or eight of us who ran in the “older kids” pack started hitting pre-teens, we suddenly realized we would one day be drivers.

And this opened a whole new world of possibilities for cousins’ vacations which had, up until then, consisted mainly of meeting up (and fighting over which movie to watch after the big meal during) every major holiday and one big camping trip during the summer.

But we were talking about branching out on our OWN, without the adults. We would rent a swanky RV and road-trip to the MidWest, where we would then prowl MOA for ten to fifteen days, sleeping in the trailer, parked out in the parking lot. Then, maybe, we would continue on to California and pan for gold. The details were very hazy.

But that plan, unlike most others, remained in effect through the next decade. We discussed it A LOT.

Around the same time we started driving, we started leaving the area to attend school and some of us stayed. Then, one of us noted that we wouldn’t be able to rent an RV until two of us were at LEAST 25, the minimum renting age. That pushed our start date forward a few years.

Then it was the summer of graduations (three of us in one summer). Weddings happened. Work studies happened. Summer school happened. We started getting our own places to live, and leading lives that actually required financial commitment. The MOA dream fell by the wayside.

Basically, life happened.

But Sha has made it possible for me to attend MOA. And for that, I thank her. The bonus to this situation is as follows…

(Some cousins, with the lovebirds that started it all over there on the left.)

I will only be in the MW for a short time, a few days. At least half of that time will be spent guesting at the epic wedding and associated events. At least a quarter (ok, a sixth) of that time will be spent sleeping. My guess is that more time will be spent eating, drinking, and being generally merry than sleeping. So that knocks out another sixth, at least.

Thus, my mini-vacay schedule is already 5/6 committed. I only have one tiny sliver of the pie with which to enjoy the awesomeness that is MOA.

So, rather than using this as a conclusion to a collective lifelong childhood dream, I’m calling it a fact-finding mission. I will go scope out MOA, try to find the good parts, and use that to propagate a renewed interest in the cousins’ cross-country road-tripping goal. We’ll get there, eventually. It might take another 15 or 20 years…

But I’m doing my part.


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