Truly Outrageous

This site (click to visit), which an intrepid internet friend got me hooked on, shouldn’t be allowed to exist. Unfortunately, it does.

Problem: I have suddenly been stricken with multiple appearance-related revelations including but not limited to the following:

  • I can look really, super Asian with some black hair dye and heavy eyeliner. This is a big deal, since I sort of grew out of my “is your kid adopted from Asia?” phase when I hit about four. I’ve always missed it, and I’m glad to know it’s still there if I ever want to frolic.
  • Hair-length ambivalence seems to be running strong these days. I’m loving every variation of my face framed by either super-long or super-short hair. Medium-length does little to nothing for me. I don’t even know if it’s the actual length as much as the “wow” factor that I’m attracted to. Long hair elicits that va-va-voom reaction while short hair is more of a woah-nelly-that-is-some-striking-hair kind of response.
  • Makeup isn’t so bad, especially foundation. I’ll have to go off into the wild blue yonder of the cosmetics counter for the first time in my entire life and give it a try. I have my doubts about the ultimate efficacy of such a venture, but it should be good for a laugh, if nothing else.
  • My nose looks like a straight schnoz. I never noticed this before in my life, which makes me wonder if I’ve been wandering around in blissful ignorance (entirely possible) or if my phone’s camera sports a bit of a fisheye lens. I’m going to go with the latter, because that option allows me to retain my dignity.
  • God, I want pink hair so badly. Jem (the cartoon, not the pop singer) is my hero…

Although, being Pizzazz from the Misfit might be just as fabulous…

Or not. The green contacts are too much, I think.


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