It seems to come as a major surprise to people when I tell them I am terrible at spelling. Bee champ I never was. I don’t know where the disconnect came from; maybe it’s because I tend to talk to myself nonstop (all of my language skills are primarily verbal), so words end up looking like they sound. Or maybe I’m just lazy. I don’t know.

The interesting thing is that, when reading, I’m exceptionally good at picking out which words are spelled incorrectly. I can ascertain, with high accuracy, which words look “off.”

Unfortunately, I can’t fix them.

This half-skill means that I’m pretty much useless when writing. I have to write something out, read it over at least twice, leave it alone, and then come back and read it over at least two more times before it’s fit for public consumption. Because if I’m in “reading mode” instead of “writing mode” I can catch spelling errors. But if I’m just writing, fuggedaboutit.

Firefox (a Mozilla browser, like Internet Explorer only 1,000 times better) helps a lot, because it does an automatic spell check any time I write anything online. This is especially useful while composing blog posts. I don’t have to wait three days to post things.

(photo from guy-sports.com)

My phone doesn’t have a reliable spell check. In fact, I’m trying to figure out what, actually, my phone’s spell check is trying to accomplish. It’s sure not focusing on proper spelling.

I realized this is a potentially serious problem (for the first time in years) when I went back and took a look at my blog post on a computer, after publishing it via phone. Those darn red squiggly lines were EVERYWHERE. My phone had failed me. Miserably. I either have to stop blogging via phone (not going to happen), or figure out a way to monitor my horrific flubs whilst a-bloggin’ on the ringer.

My solution? You try guessing.

Hint: it’s NOT putting any time and effort into learning how to spell more accurately.

Regardless of whether you give up, I’m going to tell you, now.

My solution is to find Firefox, or some similar browser program, for my phone. So I can get spellcheck mobile-ly. That’s the only way we can all live happily ever after.

Wish me luck.


4 thoughts on “Spulling”

  1. If I had a dollar for every time one of my classes gasped when I told them I couldn't spell well (as an English teacher), I'd have at least six dollars.

    So much sympathy coming your way, Girl. Not only am I a bad speller, I'm a lazy typer too. I type to fast to go back and fix mistakes. Bad comob. I mean combo.

  2. Unfortunately, there isn't a version of Firefox for the iPhone yet. Thank Apple and their ridiculous app approval policies for that one.

    Which version of the iPhone OS do you have? (from the main screen, tap Settings / General / About and look for “Version”). 3.1 is the latest version and it has a better spellcheck feature than previous versions.

  3. I too, am such a terrible speller. Since I started blogging, I have just about worn out an old dictionary that had been setting around dormant for years in my office. I figure what the heck,, most of us have become internet friends so a little “slack” should be in order..

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