Autumn Arrives

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a visitor.

Her name is Autumn. And her appearance coincides almost perfectly with the advent of the new season.

Can I just say that this is quite possibly the sweetest dog I have encountered since the Molly.

Autumn’s owners are on a well-deserved vacation. So Autumn is staying with us in our lush new digs for at least a week. I am delighted. Autumn, though, doesn’t seem that thrilled.

Neither does the cat.

(She’s sulking.)

Although they greeted each other cordially enough, they’ve spent pretty much the entire first twenty-four hours alternating between suspicious staring and carefully maintained indiference. Observe.

First both of them pretended not to care. But then Autumn got tired of that, and started truly ignoring the cat. Which the cat didn’t really appreciate. She kept staring. But at a distance. Although Autumn is small, she still outweighs the cat by a 3:1 ratio.

Ultimately, though, they settled down.

I think it’s shaping up to be a good visit.


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