Pack it up, pack it in.

I have begun packing in earnest. I wish I could be profound. I’m actually aching to write a profound blog post, but all I can think about is getting all this stuff in boxes before the week’s end.

I would like you all to know, for the record, that I spent a lot of time moving while I was growing up. It has not lost its charm.

And, for a change of pace, I’m not being sarcastic.

My siblings and I like to joke that we have more gypsy in us than anyone realizes. Our entire family gets abnormally excited about moves. Most people view it as a necessary evil. Few look at it as a positive event in and of itself. Even fewer really love and truly look forward to moving to a brand new place.

You know why I think I adore it so much? I think it’s the opportunity to create order from chaos on a grand scale. Moving is nothing if not chaotic, and I feel my most fulfilled when I’m “fixing” things. At some point, I can look forward to our entire apartment looking like this:

And then, shortly thereafter, we’ll be in a nice little house (which I will get to organize). With no exploding pipes, or moldy ceilings, or vandals, or people on the other side of the wall. With our very own washer and dryer. And a driveway that goes right up to the side door. And a new job.

So, I guess what I’m trying to say is that it’s exciting now, and it will continue to be exciting, even after all the chaos has been tamed. That is a rare treat, and one I do not take lightly.

Unfortunately, the cat does not share my enthusiasm for moving and has retreated to the basket. NOT a happy camper.


5 thoughts on “Pack it up, pack it in.”

  1. It has to be genetic. Maybe that's why I have such a hard time throwing away “good” boxes.
    Although the nurture argument works in my case too. Moving every year for most of my childhood has left me with the urge to pack and get rid of things once a year. It's like a migratory instinct. If I combine it with residual Back To School urges, it means I get a lot of organizing done in September and October.

  2. I love that cat. Makes me want to get one, but not in this habitat.
    The plastic boxes are beautiful.
    The carpet looks new? Did you get them cleaned?
    (I know, sorry, that's so sick!)

  3. Every time I look at my own pictures of boxes from last summer, I'm sooooo happy to have it BEHIND me, not in front of me. But in a way I can understand your excitement, too. It is good feeling to be able to make a fresh start, in a better place.

  4. You must have inherited the gene. I always have enjoyed a move…new place, new arrangement of everything, all closets and drawers cleaned and organized, upcoming fun learning which road goes where and connects with what. Endless delights.

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