Why Our Cat is Cool: A Photo Essay

1.) She really likes laundry. More than anyone else.

2.) She submits to costuming without any struggle.

3.) She goes comatose when something is attached to her head.

4.) She has excellent grip.

5.) She looks amazing in a tie.

6.) She recycles.

7.) She prefers sustainable living over a fancy bourgeois lifestyle.

(Why do cats like boxes so much?)

5 thoughts on “Why Our Cat is Cool: A Photo Essay”

  1. A cat in a hat. You have utterly stripped her of her dignity. But you have provided her with a cool cardboard box. When I first got Eric he hid out in this one box for so long that I cut a door in it and scrawled 'cathouse' in marker above. He absolutely loved it.

  2. I am thinking I should make a cat tree out of boxes and paper bags, why have I never thought of this before?
    I love her ladybug hat!

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