I have a job interview today in our “new town” which we will be moving to sometime soon (very soon).

There’s plenty of time to get nervous. A whole hour, in fact, which is how long it takes to commute to the new town.

So I’ll save the nervous for then and just bask in the assurance of a few simple yet stunning wins for the day…

1) Wawa coffee.

We can’t stop at Wawa anytime we get in a car anymore, but we sure as heck can still start our day with some Wawa coffee, thanks to the world wide web. It is so delicious I wish it were winter so I could freeze it into ice blocks and skate on it and melt it in the spring time and drink it.

2) A business suit.

Yes, I own a suit. Just the one. Sometimes I feel like that blue-collar guy who stumbles onto What Not to Wear and just gets hammered until he finally agrees to buy the one standby suit. That’s basically what this is. Pinstripes and all. I would wear a skirt, but the suit is just so dang handy. You don’t really have to work too hard to look respectable when you’re wearing a suit. It does the work for you.

3) Heels.

I only own two pairs of heels; I can’t get into them but I will break them out for special occasions. One pair is functional and blackish, to go with the suit. This will be the second time I’ve ever worn them. The other pair was purchased and worn at my friend KB’s wedding. And I saved them after that to look at because they’re shiny.

So, it’s panning out to be a good day. I’ll (of course) let you all know how it goes, especially if it goes well. In the meantime, enjoy this fictional interpretation of EXACTLY how I will look as I walk into the interview today:

Please note the coffee, the suit (I know it’s a skirt and hounds-tooth but other than that they’re practically identical), and the heels.

Oh, and the beehive hairdo. That’s totally happening.


5 thoughts on “Quickly”

  1. Good Luck!! Heels? scary thought, haven't put a pair of those on for about 18 years!!

    So sorry to hear you had another flood, and thank goodness you are moving!

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