Mambo (Flood) #5

Fell asleep around 2am today. Hubs woke up at 4am to get ready for work.

I covered my head with a pillow and prepared to go back to sleep. Except Hubs came into the room, turned on the light (MORTAL SIN), and told me I needed to wake up. So I did (he’s not overly dramatic, I trusted him) and here is what I saw:

I knew what this meant, of course. We’ve seen this kind of thing before…

January, to be exact.

Thankfully, this whole event went a bit smoother than last time. Searching the ceilings for extent of damage, I immediately noted the kitchen (which had been “fixed” about four weeks ago, which explains the ghetto-ceiling panels):

(Notice the time.) The damage, I’m sorry to say, was not a surprise at all. This particular area of the ceiling has hosted three of the five leaks we’ve had in here.

(The labels on the cabinets are from when we first moved in. We never removed them. It helps when people visit. Cuts down on the human interaction…)

I moved on to the living room, since Hubs was in the kitchen. Didn’t want to crowd him. I followed the smaller bubbles, the rapidly emerging seams, and the bowed pieces of sheetrock to the front door. Which I opened, to see water streaming along our patio. That means water, pouring from a “fixed” pipe above us, was traveling across the ceiling and exiting the place via interior walls. Hello electrical problems! We blew two lights before the sun came up.

Nothing has caught on fire… yet.

Wandering back into the kitchen, I got some idea of just how MUCH water has flowed into the place in the two hours we were sleeping (we’re such amateurs).

I haven’t had the heart to plug my beloved KitchenAid in to see if it still works. Maybe tomorrow. Although someone did empty the bowl at some point today. That was delightfully thoughtful.

Surprisingly, the maintenance guys were already out and about at 4:30am. Then we realized they were damage-controlling the entire ground-level of this apartment building. They got the hot water shut off and told us someone would be back at 9am, when the main office opened.

We packed up an entire room and went out for brekky while we waited. That was nice. (Isn’t that bubble on the left cool?!) I like going out to brekky. I’m so rarely awake at that time of day. It’s nice to celebrate.

Hubs went to the main office (it’s TRUE, the old crew is going or gone) and spoke with the owner, who was very flustered, but eventually said he’d be right out with some men to help with the carpet.

Shockingly, people actually showed up ten minutes later. Twenty minutes later, the entire crew of maintenance men were in our little abode, shifting furniture, removing carpet, mopping up sopping wet concrete floors. It was beautiful. It was magical. The clouds parted and the sun beamed down upon us and angels sang.

(That’s all carpet. There’s more.)

AND the owner was effusively apologetic. Which definitely didn’t happen last time.

Of course, this time we didn’t demand new carpet, nor ask them to do anything about the soggy ceiling, or mention the obvious electrical hazards, or expect anything to be fixed today. We’ve learned. School of Mexas hard-knocks.

Also, we’ll be out of here in just a few days. On to bigger and better things. That certainly makes it more of a “good story” event from the start and less of a crushingly depressing never-ending day. Hard to be too down when you know the liberators are on their way, so to speak. If it floods every day this week it still won’t be as bad as being stuck here indefinitely and arguing (ineffectively) about the re-installation of our mold-spawning carpet.

Muchas gracias por:

  • Hubs, for taking the day off to be here, for making men move, and for keeping me smiling. I love you and you are wonderful.
  • Sha and her man, for housing Kitty most of the day. Especially because Sha/Mon are the doggiest of dog people.
  • My fellow Jersey gal for all the containers. They were WELL needed and the timing couldn’t have been better!
  • The offer of a quality bed and appropriately floored room to sleep in.
  • The offer to drive hours to get boxes to us.
  • The open offers of help/shelter/butt-kicking.

Everyone is lovely, and today ended well. One day closer to moving out!

(That workout tire is so dang HANDY.)


6 thoughts on “Mambo (Flood) #5”

  1. I think it is official, you got THE WORST apartment Mexas has to offer. Granted we have all dealt with the endless shenanigans, BUT yours have been the WORST!!!!!!!!!
    I can't wait until we can front stoop it again 🙂

  2. I really wonder what happened at the front office. Glad the owner was snap-to enough for you. I hope you get a nice deposit refund and I think you should be comped your rent for the month for the crap you put up with.

  3. You won't have to worry about the Kitchenaid. The way it's constructed, the motor is contained and spillproof – there's no way a leaky ceiling would've affected it, aside of course from the bowl being half full of water I'd never touch with a ten-foot pole.

    I'd soak the bowl overnight with heavy-duty soap (bleach would eat away at the finish) and then give it a good scrubbing the next day, but after that you should be fine.

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