Hubs’ mama flew out with Cshe (our Jersey niece) and stayed in Austin with the Texas kin. So Hubs and I hopped in the getaway vehicle and got away for a few hours (like 48).

While we were there:

Copious amounts of coffee were consumed (they have TWO coffee machines in their kitchen, one for the wussies and one for the real adicts).

Baby’s feet (she’s not going to be “baby” much longer) only hit the ground three times. I caught one on camera:

Nephews introduced us to several new video games, and dressed as the characters in said video games, and gave us a mini-skit based on aforementioned games. AND one of them even created a board game based on a video game. Excitement over good games plus creativity equals very entertaining.

My lovely mother-in-law picked our brains for all our goings-on since the last time we’d been up to see her. I miss the kind of rapt attention to detail that only parents will allow you to get away with. Usually I lose people after ten seconds; her eyes did not glaze over ONCE all weekend!

Ladybug-themed birthday party for baby girl was a success, as were the multiple ladybug themed cakes. And we were overly pleased with the pink checkered baby Vans we brought as presents. (It’s like a teeny bit of anarchy in a fashionable guise. Dead Kennedys compilation next year…)

REAL pizza with a good crowd was oh-so-much-fun. Made us feel like we were back in Jersey, surrounded by all the friends and family we could rustle up for an impromptu weekend get-together.

Hubs and I found a bar with twenty-eight domestic specialty beers on tap. And not one of them was Bud or Miller Light. And they served us some amazing sharp cheddar cheese with some horrific jalapeno-stuffed olives. Why ruin a good olive with heat!?! And why don’t they have awesome cheeses in Mexas!?! Hubs’ sister and her rock-n-rolla’ husband joined us about halfway through. It was a loooong night filled with quality beer, good people, and excellent stories. And ended with delicious pancakes from IHOP.

We were able to into our lovely NJ niece and her grandmother to a Texas institution: Mexican Coca-Cola. We also took them to Rudy’s. Can I just say, my niece’s delight in this place was a wonder to behold. From eating off of wax-paper to the whole loaf of bread that came with our 2lbs of meat, she could not stop beaming with joy. (Hubs then insisted that we “walk it off,” so we went shopping as well. Always fun!)

AWESOME weekend, topped off by an impromptu movie at the San Antonio Alamo Drafthouse. OH MY GOSH. Quentin Tarantino movies (Susan: Kill Bill II is my favorite because of the epic ending. But they’re both amazingly awesome) on the big screen plus real food and booze equals amazing. Also equals can’t drive the last two hours home and must stay in San Antonio and drive back to Mexas in the morning and report straight to work. I love last-minute vacation extensions! Especially when you discover brand-spankin’-new hotels!

If we never moved to Mexas, we would never have discovered San Antonio, Austin, or our amazing Texas kin. This place is sweeeeeeet!


4 thoughts on “Getaway”

  1. The draft house is awesome. They have Napoleon Dynamite days, old movie marathons, and all kinds of cool stuff. Next time you go, try the first friday of the month, evening, at Blue Star. It's a big deal on South Alamo street. It's a lot of fun.

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