Just got a huge package full of legal stuff. It’s all regarding the accident I was in back in two thousand aught seven. Geico, bless them, is suing whomever was responsible to pay the insurance claim. I’m just an innocent bystander at this point, since I was taken care of approximately 36 hours after I relinquished control of the car to Geico.

(Please note my sunglasses hanging from the back right bumper of the car.)

I gotta’ admit, this is weird.

It’s been almost two years since that accident. I don’t think about it much. Other issues have taken precedence since then. But geez. Nothing like a ream of pictures taken by the claims adjuster to bring it all back, right?

Strange that the front of the car looked so pristine (we had only bought the brand new car a few months prior) and… well… Fit. And then the photos gradually circled ’round to the back.

And yikes.

Glad I’m still alive. And comparatively healthy.


5 thoughts on “Paperwork”

  1. Myyyy Gooodnessss,, were you OK? Looks like someone rear-ended you. (worst case for whip lash). I dont like the looks of that car..glad you are ok now…..

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