I just (JUST) returned from a trip to Jersey. I traveled alone for this one, which, as I’ve aged (I’m graduating to a walker next week; I am OLD), has become less of an adventure and more of an opportunity for quiet time and getting books read. (Long plane rides equal more brain power. Or sleep. Which is basically the same thing.)

I finished Wuthering Heights. For the first time ever. Book review to follow.

My parents are moving. And they have a good ol’ house that has been in a state of perpetual upgrade since they bought it, over ten years ago. So I went to Jersey to “help.”

I learned the fine art of SawZaw from my mother. Also drywall, electrical, plumbing, and basic demolition. She is a woman of many talents.

Mostly I just took pictures.

Although I did spend some time peeling old Plasti-Coat off the tin roof with Hawk.

And then me and the sibs got dressed up and filmed ourselves in various states of awesome for our absent sister Zee.

Then me and my cousins mixed equal parts wine, fire, and s’mores for a lovely evening.

And we took the dogs for a long walk in woods. Which was awesome. I’m enamored by anything green these days.

As the locals say, este viaje fue muy refrescante.


5 thoughts on “DIY in SJ”

  1. Hi Rae.. been out of blog action, so now catching up! Enjoyed the photos of you and the family, especially that beautiful greenery and the dogs having a wonderful time! Curious to read your book review on Wuthering Heights, too! 🙂

  2. that last picture is especially gorgeous. i think i shall visit Jersey someday.
    and i TOTALLY think the same thing about traveling. In fact i am taking several plane rides this coming week, and im more excited about the 10+ hours flying/waiting to get some extra reading done than i am about the actual trip!

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