Sweet Fourth of July!

I think the title to this post might be my new obscenity-alternative.

Last year I was downtown, where all the action took place. People were everywhere, fireworks were deafening, and it took me literally 45 minutes to drive out of the “parking lot.”

This year, one of my gal pals kindly opened her home (and her crazy good decorating skills) to us. They live about a mile and a half from the town’s festivities, so we still caught the good stuff. I really got a kick out of watching fireworks from far away 1) because that’s just not something that’s physically possible in Jersey (unless you’re down the shore) due to the lay of the land and trees and stuff, and 2) because it seems more like cannon and all that. It made it easy to understand why fireworks are symbolic of warfare. All you heard were muffled booms and all you saw was a distant explosion. And no sweaty, half-drunk people were elbowing you in your back. That was the way to do it.

Anyways, fireworks was really just a sideshow. Because our hostess is officially one with “the mostest.” Exhibit A:

She made that cake. It’s three layers. And the middle is ICE CREAM. Oh wait, I took a picture…

Home-made cookies were also involved, created by yours truly. They were almost as amazing as cake (not quite).

Did you want to see the decorations? Because they were stunning. And EVERYWHERE.

Finally, no Mexas get-together is complete without a piñata. This little number was stuffed with candies and glow bracelets. And this is me, demonstrating a “modified power V” stance that Nae taught me for softball a few weeks back:

Know what’s the best? I knew plenty of people this year and they were more than willing to celebrate the holiday with me. How nice!

Hope all my blogging friends had a lovely July 4th, no matter where or how.


3 thoughts on “Sweet Fourth of July!”

  1. how in the world did she do that cake? i tried to make one for a bbq last weekend and i failed. it was a melty mess. maybe its my freezer. or maybe i should stick to biscotti and cinnamon rolls…

  2. Wow! I want a piece of that cake…. it looks outrageous!!! And then I want one of the scrumptious cookies! 🙂 Did your power stance just blow up the pinata, or what? It looked pretty darn strong!

    Hey– your email at languageart will not work for me! It keeps sending it back saying it failed. 😦 Send me an email at amy sprite at yahoo dot com NO SPACES (damned spambots) and I'll put yr address in my contacts so I can reply. Here is what I tried to email:

    Thanks, Rae….

    And it is an ABBREVIATED version of events, too, if you can believe it! It was a total nightmare. Now that it is over, though, I am ready and raring to get over there!


  3. looks like you had a great time..lol meeee tooo. I got to see two of three of my baby girls. The youngest took us to here office downtown Houston,(this country boy was out of place),,and watched fireworks from the 39th floor. It was as if we could reach out and touch them.. I guess i could ramble on forever but you have a great day..

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