Las Cinco Personas

I just finished reading The Five People You Meet in Heaven, by Mitch Albom. Although this is on my Book Bucket List, I haven’t really given it much thought. A LOT of books are on my Book Bucket List.

Thankfully, one of my gal pals chose this gem for our next book club meeting.

Recently, regarding Crime & Punishment, I talked about how I don’t fall asleep when I read, which is how I knew Dostoevsky wasn’t for me. With the current book, however, I stayed up way too late because I simply HAD TO KNOW who the last two people were. And I must say, it was worth it.

The book is simple, but delightful. It made me think. The basic message is that we’re all connected. No one’s story stands alone. I kept thinking about the conversations I’ve had with people about karma, and its feminine qualities while I was reading it.

Ultimately, the thing I liked about The Five People You Meet in Heaven is that it was a “this is your life” kind of setup without many of the cheap emotional pulls on the heartstrings. Albom avoids abusing plays on emotion, which is why he’s able to include some difficult “memories” without abandoning the overall feel of peace.

Sweet book, good read, time well spent.


5 thoughts on “Las Cinco Personas”

  1. cool! Then its worth my time to read! I just finished reading a perfectly crappy book (which incidentally won the Booker Prize last year..go figure!), so now I think I'll wait and read reviews like yours before I venture out and waste my time!

  2. I just finished last night. Mitch does a great job of bringing it all together. It was nice to have a book that didnt try to “help” and was just a great message all the same. Read Tuesdays with Morrie too.

  3. i love it when you blog about books. You should let me know what books you kids are reading for book club. even though i can't be there do discuss them with you all, it'll keep me reading. and possibly reading books i wouldn't normally choose for myself.

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