Hubs On Current Events

(photo by DVIDSHUB)

Copied from a very specific military handbook that my husband still has in his possession (ten years later) and studies every so often.

Pain. Pain is nature’s way of letting a person know something is wrong with him. But nature also has ways of suppressing pain if one is too busy to pay attention to an injury. Pain may go unnoticed if the mind is occupied with survival plans. On the other hand, once a Marine gives in to pain, it will weaken the drive to survive. Pain will get to the best Marine if allowed, even if the pain is not serious or prolonged. One of the most effective means of surviving pain is to keep hopes up and keep busy.

His exact quote was, “man, they really tried to grind it into you, didn’t they?”

And my exact answer was a pointed stare.

We may frame that page…

Adapt and overcome, people. Adapt and overcome.


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