We’re Okay

So, we’re fine. The window is fixed, and we have been assured that we were not targeted specifically.

(photo by Leo Reynolds)

I would like to share with you a conversation I had at the apartment office the morning after rock-through-the-window. Because it was amazing and eerily familiar. I would say that the only missing piece of this most recent convo was the brilliant office assistant blaming the entire situation on the humidity. (As you will see, she came close.)

[Rae walks into main office.]

Office Assistant (OA): So your window broke last night, huh?

Rae: Well, a rock broke it. It didn’t break on it’s own [smile].

OA: [confused] It’s broken?

Rae: That’s correct. Two panes are broken; exploded inward in a shower of deathly shards.

OA: Well, the glass guy will come fix it today [side note: this was a lie by 24 hours] but you know you weren’t the only one. Another guy had broken windows and some tires were slashed.

Rae: Oh, wow. I feel so much better! [blank stare from OA] So a busy night, huh?

OA: Well I called the cops last night after I got your call and they told me they were too busy to come out so I asked them to please just send someone. I asked them as a personal favor because they weren’t going to come. And they came, right?

Rae: The cops did manage to show up 90 minutes after we called, and after arguing with me about the existence of our apartment. So thank you for that.

OA: [confused again] Well, you know, it’s the summer. This kind of thing is only going to get worse.


7 thoughts on “We’re Okay”

  1. That conversation sounds very familiar to us too! When we called the “emergency pager #”, we got a call back about 25 minutes later. I was surprised at this record time! Her response to me telling her that we had two broken windows and LARGE rocks laying around our vehicle? “Oh, yeah. Someone is breaking windows tonight.” I told Ryan after I got off of the phone that I couldn’t understand HOW this was an acceptable response to our windows being broken!

  2. Glad to hear the window is fixed and that you weren’t “targeted”.

    As for the apartment office conversation – I thought it was just in my own country that vandalism was blamed on the time of year, but apparently not! šŸ˜¦

    We had a series of incidents where I lived a couple of years ago; not quite as serious as broken windows but since things happened over and over, it still felt rather threatening. (Someone kept smearing different kinds of food stuff on apartment doors and stairs etc.) The response from the police was nil and at the apartment office they just said that well, it’s the summer holidays… As if that was an acceptable excuse!

    I have moved since then (for other reasons as well) but really, there should be other ways to deal with these kinds of problems than just wait for them to get worse.

  3. I know. Now I’m trying to figure out whether vandalism or crappy cops is the thing that’s only going to get worse…

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