Are You Effing Kidding Me?

What the heck is that?! Let’s look closer…

It’s a ROCK. Let’s step outside for a moment, shall we?

That’s not one gaping hole in the front window (yes, our fake Christmas snow is still up); it’s TWO! (Two down and one to the left of the big guy is a smaller hole, impeded from total destruction by the heavy-duty storm screen.) Let’s step back inside for a closer look, shall we?

That’s right. Someone threw large, window breaking rocks at us this evening.

Notable secondary events:

  1. Official shout-out to Rad and his lovely wife Nae for responding so quickly. Hubs and Rad toured the entire facility to clear it. And it’s a good thing they did because…
  2. It took the cops OVER AN HOUR to respond to our phone call (this town is a few square miles). Multiple calls, actually. Three calls, actually. Quote of the night, uttered by some fabulous officer of the law during call number two (45 minutes after the first one),
  3. “well the responding officer left the area because your apartment number doesn’t even exist.”

  4. We discovered Psycho Kitty’s secret stash under the couch when we moved it to clean up…

Apparently she’s very fond of bottle caps.


4 thoughts on “Are You Effing Kidding Me?”

  1. We had windows broken over here on that same night. Ryan was all brave outside with a flashlight and his sidearm. I hid behind the door with the phone. You know, someone would have to call the police if an incident happened…

  2. I trust now that the police know you actually exist that the response time in any future event will be within minutes!

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