Yee ha! We’re back in the warm embrace of the Lone Star State. We got off the plane, acclimated to about 47-53 degrees, into a searing 86 degrees. We both immediately lost about 2 layers.

I stood on the sidewalk at the airport dancing because I was so happy to be back in warm.

Rain was really nice, though. Hubs does not agree with me; he was over the grey and the constant wet of South Jersey in about 24 hours. I, on the other hand sincerely enjoy being able to curl up on a couch or in bed with a heavy blanket. It’s one of those simple joys that Mexas doesn’t do.

I like warm, though. Man do I like it.

Ok so we’re back, it’s 5am, Hubs has work, I have work (at my NEW JOB!) and our cat is freaking out. She’s ticked at us that we left her for so long. To get back at us, she’s started drooling.

Yes, drooling.

Apparently she started this while we were gone (reported by our awesome cat-sitter).


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