Glad to be in JerZ

We landed Friday afternoon, after a long day of travelin’.

I think I’ve blogged before about our access to an airport, but if not, here’s the deal: We’re about three hours from the nearest useful airport (in the US). Any long-distance trip on a plane is preceded by the drive. So we woke up very early. BUT! We also have the good fortune of living in the heart of Texas, where a little airline that could (Southwest) offers more and more direct flights by the day.

Thus, our three hour car ride is followed by a non-stop flight to Philly, which is really incredibly nice. Before this service was offered, flights to Philly always had at least one stop, which was always a change of planes. Usually two. Very inconvenient, and makes for an incredibly long day.

So we had the shortest of possible flights, which is almost four hours.

When we landed, we found my sister Zee and made our way to the car rental place, which was a first for us. Usually we’re not here long enough to need a car, or someone has an extra for the weekend. This time we’re in town for a while, and we need wheels.

Hubs and I both noticed, independently, that everyone at car-rental was wearing a suit (this would be 15-25 guys) and not one of them was wearing a suit that fit them. Tailoring people, it’s very important.

Because of the ill-fitting suits, I had zero problem turning down all their upgrade offers, including but not limited to a GPS system (we know where we are) and a better class of car. You see, we were going with the absolute bare minimum. Why spend money on an extra seat or more trunk space when there’s so much delicious food to be bought and eaten?!

Luck was with us, and those ill-fitting suits saved us a lot of money. Because they had no cheap-o cars in the lot. So we got bumped up two classes are are riding around in a brand new vehicle for the tin-box-on-wheels price. AND Mama and Papa Hubs mentioned that they just happened to have a spare GPS when we were visiting with them last night.

Boo yah.

More later.


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