I’ve been so busy blogging poems that I haven’t given you a proper update. Now probably isn’t the time for it, but I miss these quiet moments we spend together, don’t you?

  1. Vacation is neigh. Tonight will be spent cleaning, packing, and in general bedlam. This will be the first “vacation” back to Jersey for Hubs since we moved almost two years ago. (We had a long weekend once, but that was two days, which is not a real vacation by anyone’s standards.)
  2. I say tonight because I have a new job. So now we’re both at work, and no chores will be completed until we’re both done. I love my job. It’s for a little lunchtime/catering business in town. Only about 4 people work there, so I’ll get my run of whatever projects I’m working on. And everyone gets along. Which is fabulous. (What is not fabulous is the 2 hours of sleep we’ll be getting before we leave for the airport road trip.)
  3. Right this second it is 64 degrees F where I am and only 40 where vacation is. This is one of the closest margins I’ve seen in the two weeks I’ve been monitoring. I just want you to know. It’s going to be a cold one. (On the plus side, I get to take out and dust off my coat, which has been sadly neglected.)

The end.


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