I’m still at it, although regular blogging has fallen by the wayside. Knowing an unwritten poem is waiting for me stops all other mental processes.

Vacation starts this week, and lasts for a while. So there may be some poems that are less “poem” and more “three sentences cut up into poetry-looking pieces.”

(photo by Ben Harris-Roxas)

Border Town Pool

Kids are splashing.
Dads are talking.
Our friends say “hi”
while walking by.

The sun has made
us seek the shade.
Or float in pool
to maintain cool.

“The sunscreen fades,”
say moms with shades,
“So they don’t die,
we reapply.”

Communal fun
for everyone:
A desert day
is time to play.

I think I’m going to look into authoring children’s books.


6 thoughts on “NPM 5”

  1. @karen: I keep reminding myself of kid’s picture books! It’s actually just easier to have <>something<> to focus on when I’m trying to get words on paper (screen?)@Mommy’s Nintendo: I have seriously considered pre-writing, but I’m actually kind of liking trying to write a poem based on the day’s events. It’s like poetry-blogging.@Dawn Treader: Thanks!

  2. I see you are loving the rhyming thing! I’m crazy about the title, of course.. I’m still not tempted to join you in this mission yet, will rather enjoy yours! 🙂

  3. I know what you mean about the “3 sentences cut up.” My girls are home this week, too, and even though that should be inspiration for me, I’ll be pushing it to get something written every day!

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