Third installment of my daily contribution to National Poetry Month. You should try it (even once). Mommys Nintendo will explain.

(I took this picture.)

The Road is Long (but there is much return)

Pancakes sound good,
but Pad Thai sounds awesome.
In searching for lonches
our hunger will blossom.

We’ll pass wild turkeys,
cacti, and a biker,
and (if we look closely)
an illegal hiker.

Coyotes stand solid,
like road-statue fixtures;
they’re taunting my speed
and my too-blurry pictures.

Nopales are shifting
from dark purp- to yellow
then green for a while,
though it’s light-green, and mellow.

This place is bright.
And sights are new.
I write this blog,
to ‘splain to you.

I like rhyming.


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