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(photo by dominiqs81)

It’ll All be Better in the Morning

Sleep so quickly changes
from wallflower
to belle,
from plain jane
to fey mistress.

She inspires desperation
only when absent;
when present, she
steals whole years unnoticed.

Some days sleep taunts,
others it soothes
with whispers and darkness.

Frustration always gives way
to delight because

Sleep cures most (all) ills.

Yeah, it’s been a fabulous months with a midnight shift. Almost DOOOOOONE!!! (<—Sing "doooone" for the right effect.)

One thought on “NPM 2”

  1. Started to count up my Bucket List personal best but was sidetracked trying to decide whether having started it and put it down due to it being so plain boring or just plain depressing. Do those start ups count? I could double my score if they do!!!

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