Commerical Critic

I currently have two commercials that are doing that get-stuck-in-my-head-and-stay-for-days thing. Here’s one (sorry about the text at the beginning… it goes away):

I have been walking around singing the first two lines of “Anchors Aweigh!” for the last 10 days. I finally had to look up the lyrics and commit them to memory to exorcise it from my head. This was was a bit of a philosophical dilemma for me, since I’m sure those lyrics are now occupying the brain space where something useful could be sitting. Like the middle names of all Brangelina’s children…

The second commercial (near the end is my favorite part):

It doesn’t matter which version of this one is playing, I like the pretty colors, and it’s (again) the song that is driving me crazy. I’ve seen this one more, so I know more of the words. Although “ooh la la la, OOOH la LAH” is the part that really moves me so I generally just stick to that.

The crisis came when I found myself mixing the two songs together. Rae’s remix of tropical vacation commercials coming soon to a music store near you…

And while I’m (apparently) on the subject of tourism ads, here’s the one I mute (because the sappy voiceover makes me angry), but still watch with tears in my eyes (you can mute if you want to, or listen and guess if you’re curious about the kind of ad copy that infuriates me):

Someday, Ireland, someday.

(And yes, I have been watching a lot of TV lately. Don’t judge me.)


4 thoughts on “Commerical Critic”

  1. Our favorite commercial is the one with the guy in the baby papoose carrier being carried around by a grown man. I think it is for a cell phone.My kids can sing word for word the Free Credit song.

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