Weirdies: Lunar Effect

(photo by Luc Viatour)

I have no idea why I remembered this today, but I did. And I would love to share it with you. Because it’s fascinating.

Last Tuesday, the night before everything went ape-crap here in our little Mexas abode, I was sitting on the front stoop with my sister, Zee, who had just appeared as the best surprise visit of all time. One of our neighbors was on her way to do some late-night laundry (if you go after 11pm you don’t have to fight anyone for dryer access) and stopped to chat for a hot minute.

She’s a labor and delivery nurse at the local hospital, which gets decent traffic, due to the high birthrate in this area. But on this particular night she was bemoaning the fact that she had already been called twice to see if she could come in. (It was her night off, as evidenced by the loads of laundry.)

“It’s a full moon,” says she, “I know the scientists say different, but anyone who works in the medical field knows better.”

Apparently, if you work in healthcare, it’s a good bet that it’s going to be a crazy night if the moon is full.

I brushed this little tidbit off at the time. But I was creeped out today when I remembered it in conjunction with the events in the 24 hours that followed her prophesy. I tried to brush it off again, but I then remembered WAY back in the day, when a family doctor had made pretty much the same exact comment during a really phenomenal medical situation.

Here’s the thing: I don’t know if this is just a North American pseudoscience hospital-folklore superstition. Because I’ve been wracking my brain for hours and I’ve never heard a Mexas local say anything like this. Also, I don’t have regular conversations with hospital staff about lunar cycles.

Furthermore, I’m pretty sure this connection between ridiculousness and a full moon is totally spurious, since I happen to have a very accurate table of moon phases which I’ve been using to cross-check all ridiculous events over the past 18 months. To my deep disappointment (it would be nice to have something to blame), none of the other events coincide with a full moon.

But still. It’s interesting.

Also ties in with my strange obsession with Twilight somehow, I’m pretty sure.


6 thoughts on “Weirdies: Lunar Effect”

  1. Anyone who has ever worked 11-7 shift in an inner city hospital KNOWS what happens on full moon nights! (And will never forget!) Many interesting stories for decades to come…

  2. hmmm, my sister is a cop and says the same thing. The crazies get crazier during a full moon. I gave her a packet of salt blessed with an exorcism prayer to throw in her squad car 🙂

  3. I had C on Super Bowl Sunday 2005, which was not a full moon.Somehow nurses wearing Patriots gear instead of scrubs didn’t bother me. Although when the nurse said, ‘hut hut’ as I crowned…I wanted to tell her to shut it.~k

  4. I went into preterm labor (7 weeks early) with Elizabeth the night of a full moon. 6 other moms also went into preterm labor that night – mine was the only labor they were able to stop. I heard the full moon theory many times while Liz was in the NICU.

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