IN the computer?!

My dad is contemplating starting up a blog and I have offered to help. Many emails have been passed back and forth. Here is an excerpt from one:

“So I think what you are saying, in step terms, is I should go to and try pressing some buttons and so forth until they ask me a username and password, then type these two items in, then start pressing buttons again until something happens. Which I will be doing right about the time you are realizing how mistaken you were to encourage me to do this.”

I think we can all agree that he’s on the shortlist for Blogs of Note.

4 thoughts on “IN the computer?!”

  1. James – your mother is a brilliant woman. However, she did in fact marry a one in a million guy. He has always been bedazzling.I am on FB to keep up with all the wonderful happenings of my two border daughters. And I am eternally indebted to my eldest gal for giving me 1.2.3. steps on many things “computer.”

  2. Somehow my dad is on Twitter. The man who still tells my brothers and sisters to “exit the computer!” is on Twitter. Go figure.I’d never recommend a blog for a parent. I’d barely recommend a Facebook for them. I’m surprised your mom is on there, and even more surprised that my mom hasn’t copied her yet.

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