Interview With The Her

I have the singular pleasure of a personal acquaintance with Tigrl, mentioned frequently over at Lunches With Wolves. This is question one of many (I hope). Her answer is faithfully copied without any interference from me.

To Tigrl, I say thank you very much for participating. For the rest of you, enjoy.

Q: Tell the world about yourself. (If this was all anyone ever knew about you, what would you want people to know?)

A: In answer to your little quiz, I am peppy and fun . Also kind and caring. I feel I am in contact with the superstitious .I am outspoken. also OVERFLOWING with ideas! Totally up for fashion! Also got a soft spot for animals and sweets . I also have the heart of many animals real or fairytale! Also fierce brave and courageous. I am a gem with copper hair and hazel eyes. My horoscope is Pisces. No wonder I like water!


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